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At what mileage do you recommend a serpentine belt be replaced?

it is 1998 volvo v70xc.

v70xc 2000

A friend toldme cuold be the fuel cap infact the sael was crack but the ligth comes again i check the code and become PO442 or EVAP mosly when its more hot temp, i reset the ligth stay off for couple days and back on thankyuo

Oil found in the drivetrains according to the mechanic. Possible? Please advise. Smoke visible four years ago then disappeared until recent maintenance: radiator, water pump, and timing belt. Help!

I bought my car under 90 days ago from a Honda dealer (who knew NOTHING about Volvos) but I got a good price. I now LOVE it. However, my check engine light came on (P2112 is the generic code - my boyfriend has the diagnositc tool at work but the codes for European cars aren't fully unlocked) and I'm seeing there was a recall on the throttle in 2006 (although some sites show my 2002 was included and others say it's not). It's not stalling but it's very sluggish ("limp home mode"??) and I don't like having lights on when the main reason for the car is to take my kids places. Taking it back to the Honda dealership seems pointless. I'm seeing prices of $900 back in 2005/2006 to fix. I've read on other sites that Volvo's proceedure is/was to clean it a couple of times before looking to replace the part if it is covered by the recall and that the warranty on that part was increased to 10 years/200,000 miles. Where can I find a diagram of the throttle? What is the best thing to use to clean it? Would cleaning it ourselves void this extended warranty if it is indeed covered? Thanks for all help!!!

My e-brake makes a pop noise when accelerating and sometimes grinds when coasting, how much should I pay to get it fixed? thanks!

volvo xc70 2001

The last time I drove my wagon, over a year ago, I was scared to death. The car was running very rough, sudden loss of speed and power, jumping, sputtering, etc. The car was purchased August 2004. I have spent over $5,000.00 trying to get to car to drive smoothly. Great car when it works. PS-I used the local Volvo dealer for repairs. Very frustrated.

ac was working good but now is not blowing air but I feel the cold air when I drive at high speed

Coolant blowback in reservoir, running hot. There is a crack in the reservoir. I have another reservoir on the way. I have changed the thermostat & I am noticing moisture in the exhaust. Does this mean I have an internal head gasket blown or could it be just the coolant reservoir?

I want to replace front spring struts suspension with integrated shock absorbers. How difficult this is and how much I can save to do myself?

The shift lock override button is stuck down, and I cannot remove key. I have tried lubricating and prying up but with no luck. How do you remove the panel so I can clean around the button?

I was just told that there is a small hole in the front muffler on my 2002 xcvolvo. Can this be cut and rewelded or do I need to replace the whole muffler? I am sure this job is costly and so far been hit with a new turbo and now a timing belt, etc....please help


My passenger front window is stuck open. There is powere through the harness but, the window will not go close. How do you either remove the window motor and/or getn the window up to access the removal of the switch?

This occured once before. At that time we found out it had blown a head gasket. Am I dealing with the same issue? I need to travel from Raleigh, NC to Maryland.

I had a dealer tell me that my XC70 with 129K miles has "positive crankcase pressure" and probably has a clogged breather box. The car runs fine, there are no codes being activated and no dash warnings. The car does not leak oil. I have read posts on other sites where people had this service done and had additional problems. I put a surgical glove on the oil opening and dip stick opening and I can't discern any positive pressure. should I let the dealer do this repair for an estimate of $700? Anybody?

My Volvo V70 XC uses about a quart of oil between changes. The car has 143,750 miles and seems to run and operate great. Just a little concerned because it has a turbo, and I don't want to overlook something that might be more serious?
I have crawled under the car and there is no apparent leaking, so I am curious if it is fairly normal or something to be concerned about?

what is the best way to remove the radiator from my volvo- any info from a repair manual / diagram would be great

My message board readout just stopped. It shows the MPG, miles left in fuel, any special info., etc.

167,200 miles, have a miss, could this be the plug wires?

tarnnsmission longshift times between gear shifts, hard shifting, hard downshifting

I had the back seats down and when I tried to put them back I pushed the red tab down and now the latch is stuck. The bottom part of the latch mechanism spins but the top latch won't budge. I tried pushing the "shoulder button" back in place, but it's stuck and the seat won't latch in place - it just bounces off.

grinding niose almost like a slipping spine (but not)started about 150 mile ago.Doesnt always do it and temperature doesnt make any diff.Drove it yesterday and no grinding but a low pitch almost unnoticeable hum was evident from the rear underside.I am an auto mechanic but not a volvo expert.Any advice would be appreciated.I dont want to tear into it completely blind.Thanks Joe

My Air Pump Relay/Fuse is missing, car will start fine sometimes but it seems to not start as well when it is hot. I do not know why the relay is missing,it sounds like I have an exhaust leak, not sure if someone has taken out the cat. conv.I just bought the car, I do believe that my ABS Module is also Bad. Thanks to you fellas, I`m starting to learn a little. After reading on this site. I have not yet replaced/repaired my ABS yet, Should I put a relay in the Air Pump Spot and see what happens ?

How much should it cost to replace the head gasket and how many hours is the job rated for?

recent service 1998 volvo V70 XC AWD cross country wagon
that I have owned for 6 years and it sat in my yard for 2.5 years. I want to put the car back on the road and in use.

recent service cost $397.00
1. diagnosis and test plus road srv $145.50
2. rotate and flat tire fix $31.50
3. oil srv and replace all wiper blades $26.50
1. gas and $10.00
Car need a transmission replacement or rebuild the same tranee - estimated: $1800.00 to $2400.00


how much to rebuild a transmission for
1998 V70 XC AWD VOLVO?
1998 V70 XC AWD VOLVO?

car will work for months ok then it will not star it cranks
but will not start for 3 to 20 cranks and then ok for a while no codes