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trying to add fuel only pours out the fuel spout
before we got the car the dealer was given three hundred dollars extra to fix the all wheel drive. the car was making some really loud noise I brought it back there they looked at it said it was the Pre third member on the drive shaft and charged me $200 to replace it
I've checked all the bulbs and they are OK. I even changed out the left side. Could it be a relay? If so where is it located and where can I get a replacement? The problem occurs about 95% of the time. Other times it works normaly, like the right side.
I'm told they must replace mod. ABS system works fine
If I keep the speed below 25mph it doesnt make that noise.
wont start unless i give it more throotle than it sometime stalls could it be vacuum leak or etp.
Hot o cold same. Restarting car after 5 min. gives another few seconds of normal operation then disengages again. Trany was rebuild 2 times , fresh torque convert, valve body was also serviced though no work 100% reliable. It is Panama... Dealer wouldn't touch transmission.. only replacement ..
I need ideas... badly...
transmission fluid for a 2002 volvo v70 XC?
There is no consistency when the whistling sound occurs. It does it while moving, on take off, and slowing down but does not seem to affect the operation of the vehicle. Could this be a belt?
When I turn the AC on it runs fine for about 15 min and then quits. If i leave it turned off for a while and it gets warm in the card and then turn it back on it will work again.
need list of parts to repair heater core
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