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When it is hot outside the AC fault lights flash and the AC won't work. Also sometimes the turn signals won't work unless I restart the car. I tried cleaning the cabin temp sensor and thought it corrected the AC problem but the problem is back.
Has fuel pressure to rail, air and spark. Injectors won't spray into cylinders. I've replaced coil packs and injectors. I'm about to rip my hair out. Local shop said it could be security systems but.... any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.
Starts fine, runs fine, except for idle and drop in mpg (averaging 8 mpg), battery warning light on dash is on. Need to recharge battery every few days. Alternator? Fuel problem?
Starts fine, runs fine, except for idle and drop in mpg (averaging 8 mpg), battery warning light on dash is on. Need to recharge battery every few days.
2000 V70 XC SE 200K on it and has the yellow sticker ETM aready in it
The car wouldn't start then finally did, but tried shutting off when applying gas. I found 2 bad vacuum lines and replaced, but wouldn't start again. Got it started and soon as u try applying gas it wanted to shut off. After a couple of minutes it shut off and now won't start. Turns over fine and full pumps kicking on and i have fuel at the rails. I have fire from the coil to the distributor cap but none coming out of the cap. It dis this in february so I purchased cap, rotor, plugs, & wires from rock auto and installed them. Has run like a top until now. Is because the cap/rotor is junk?? At wits end and didn't wanna change the cap/rotor again if thats not the problem, but can't figure out what else it could be. Our caravan did the same identical thing once amd it was the thin pick up coil under the cap, but this one doesn't have one of those that I can see. Like I said, i have gas and fire to from the coil to the cap (enough to give me a heck of a jolt the nothing coming out of the cal to the plug wires. I'm gonna hook my computer up to it an see if I can get any codes turning the key to on. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated and THANKS IN ADVANCE!!
everything else appears to work, however starter no sounds
The Dealerships said something about a pressure pipe, and another said pressure plate. It seems that it has been a issue and Volvo put another external pump in the cargo space to cover the mistake trying to avoid recall. Can someone shed light on this common situation?
The transmission has been makimg a grinding/whining noise when letting off throttle driving down road

I had a new thermostat and a new radiator put in about a month ago. My usual mechanic can not figure out what it is wrong. Said I might need a new head gasket? Someone else said I dont because there is no other fluid leaking? Can anyone help? TY!!!
gas runs on ground when filling. loosened tank strap, tank won't drop. help help
Not sure what else to add here. Just wanted to know if it can be fixed or do I need to replace the transmission?
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