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2002 V70 AWD will not go into reverse. Will not permit reverse even in neutral. Fluid is up to level but shows brown on dipstick.
The car did not appear to have any mechanical problems before it died. No smoke or odd noises.
2008 70XC. 118,000 miles, very good condition. not due for oil change for anothre 3000 miles.
Driving in single digit temeratures for about 70 miles and saw this symbol. Car ran fine, wondered if it could be fluid level as I was using it do to dirt on roads.
Went off when car shut off an hour later and 80 more miles.
when you put in the key, it turns on the pannel when you turn it once but when you turn it to start the engine it wont turn
Key gets stuck in position "I" and will not come out,
I've heard there is a cable from the shifter to the ignition that might need replacement?
It is definitely not the button sticking.
There is a bearing ? noise from the front differential (or transfer case) on the passenger side that that connects to the front wheel, and transfers power to the rear wheels.Can this part be removed, and rebuilt, or can the bearing be replaced? We will probably remove the unit, but I've been told by the dealer that the unit is not made anymore, nor are parts available for it.
Any suggestions?
Car don't want to exselerate,start easy,had the head overhauled
What could be the problem
what will make this happen
After time engages and after 30 kilometers it become normal
In the morning, or sometimes if parked for a few hours the gear selector lever will not move out of park until the engine has run for at leat 3 mins often good for a quick getaway.
check engine light
turbo sensor A diagnostic code
I not sure we're to add transmission oil to my car.
The diagram I found shows it on the back side of the transmission but I have looked from the top and under the car and canny seem to locate it I am getting a P0502 code vehicle speed sensor A circuit low input
The instrument panel will illuminate and the gauges will work for a few days, then stop for about a week and then come back on. No idea why. Any ideas on how to fix? Hoping it's not really expensive. Thanks
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