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this goes worse the longer car is driven oil is very dark goes very thin when hot got codes0100 control module faulty signal 503d diagnostic trouble in gearbox control module

someone who did a job on the computer,the car did start a while and shut down again

one on pass side will, if you coax it 20 times. Drivers side no way. Rear glass was broken in storm, and replaced. Then problem started. Cannot be fuse because one side works sometime.

I replace the light bulb, still does not come on.

It sounds like the gas is not getting to the engine the way it supposed to

I have a p1633 code, the message center says "brake failure, stop safely ASAP. car runs HORRIBLY at times, found out that if I remove the ABS module that the car will still run, removed it and car runs great! Ocassionaly it will miss and run poorly, if I disconnect battery and hook it back up it fixes the problem. I have since gotten a used module, however it gives me the same issues...does it have to be programmed to my car? is there something else I am missing? HELP PLEASE!!!

After installing new arm the window will not go up. Do I have to adjust the arm and if so how?

I test drove a 2006 S80 2.5t and while accelerating from a red light, the engine dropped from around 3k rpm to almost nothing. It came back up quickly, but I'm leery about buying this car. The dealership said it was caused by an issue with the electrical cooling fan, but they didn't give me the exact code from the OBD. The CEL was on before the test drive as well, but the salesman said he thought it was because someone probably put regular unleaded in the tank instead of premium. Any help is appreciated!

Will not shift from park to drive when she first start up, unless it is started and have been idling for a while (so the engine / transmission fluids is warmer. What can she do to avoid this problem in the future?

What is the right step to investigate and clear these fault. My car can start and drive without problem.

Hi guys,

S80 Transmission gets stuck on 3rd gear and speedometer stops function.

Is it electrical or mechanical issue? Any solutions?

I was involved in a wreck which busted my oil pan. They said that was replaced but the car is still leaking oil and When I was driving down the interstate I noticed that when I pushed down harder on the gas pedal, smoke just poured out the tailpipe. What is that?

What is the average cost of having it repaired?

All of a sudden car wouldn't go loss of power slipping

All the lights on my panel come on, ABS, brakes, engine, etc. Is the communication with the ECM bad?

part number for drive shaft

About every 5 seconds my card surges forward whether sitting still or coming to a stop. It sounds like it "revs" on a 5-second relay. It has 270,000 miles on it. I bought it used last year and have replaced many parts. Could something just need cleaned or does it sound like something else needs replaced?

My low beam headlight will flicker and go off, if i shut the car off and start it back up they work again. sometime it the right and sometime it the left side. only once has both went out at the same time.