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I have a driver door that has the trunk and gas lid release buttons. It has a working window and buttons. But that is it. No door handle or locking mechanism. How much would this cost and where do i take it?
Heat blows out of driver's side vent but cold air blows out of passenger side
How long should motor mounts last (miles)?
98' volvo s70 2.3 liter 5 cylinder turbo seems to be sending mixed signals to either the abs control module or the control unit. What would be the recommended steps to diagnos and solve this. ABS seems to always kick on.
Volvo s70 1998 non turbo 5 cylinder
Misfire cylinder 2 comes on, replaced all spark plugs, car never overheats, replaced the heater core a few months ago, every once in a while there is gunk built up on the dip stick. The ABS light is on. Occasionally using the brakes, the brake pedal will go down a couple inches then lock up and I cant push it any further and there is a grinding noise.
where is the canister purge valve locate
failed emission test want to check hoses
code 4055
When the ignition key is turned on a strange electronic clicking can be heard coming from the glove box area of the dashboard for about 30 seconds.
This is the 3rd time its happened. An usually will start later but this time. Seems like its nit getting gas
slow to take off and shift into 2nd gear...problem with the automatic gear box? Not a mechanic but willing to fix if I told how. Please help.
My driver door is locked and will not open. I need to know how to open it and what to replace
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