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Has miss like bad plug or ignition problem everything checks out compression test is 0 comp wondering if valve is stuck open or spring failure

antenna ring as anti-theft system does not seem to disengage.

I have quite a lot of Volvo experience yet this one has me stumped. The engine was leaking alot of oil from the exhaust cam seal so I replaced timing belt all the cam seals. Replaced the oil trap and all the hoses also removed oil pan and cleared oil return in the block from the oil trap it was plugged solid. Replaced all orings for the pan. Washed the engine clean. At idle and normal acceleration dipstick stays in the tube but if accelerated hard the dipstick pops out and oil spits out and leaks all over. This has happened twice. I took the oil trap system back apart checking that all hoses and passages are clear with no problem found. What am I missing here?

Come on. More frequent cold weather. Clear code might not come on for several hundred miles. Mostly at idle.

Passenger side temp control knob froze in position.

Temperature control knob suddenly froze in position mid level preventing heat setting. No heat from drivers side vents. In extreme cold windows fog.

Sometimes when I come to a complete stop the engine stalls and the car switches to Weather mode on its own, does this have anything to do with the air distributor hose that cools the ecu?

I replaced the bearings but not the connecting rod bolts, it's said to replace all threaded bolts that's coated.

I drive with my defrost on high because of the foggy window and by the time I get to wherever im going I need more antifreeze

I've changed the shifter knob, thinking that was the problem but it was not. Any other reasons why the key won't come out?

Putting belts back on

The car is an S 70 GLT Turbo and has a finicky habit of not wanting to start unless the stars are aligned just right. The new battery is a week old. When this happened before we could giggle the steering wheel with the key in place and it would start. We tried moving it to Neutral last night and could not get it to change gears. The unlock button is also on strike. Any clues. Thank you. I am not getting any codes

Wait 15 to 20 minutes it will start. Motor will turn over O.K.

I want to buy a car but the person said the water pump failed which cause a head gasket leak. The water pump was replaced and he added sealer to the coolent. Said the head gasket would need to be replaced soon. How much will it $cost to fix the problem?, Or get a new one?. If so can I do it myself? And would there be bigger problems because of what happened

but fuel is not getting to

engine turn over, but nothing happen, done an electrical ,check no positive feed to fuel pump relay, fine none, could be the imobllizer ,and what the fix. thanks

I have the heater on and when I turn on the defrost the AC comes on and blows cold air?

I have a driver door that has the trunk and gas lid release buttons. It has a working window and buttons. But that is it. No door handle or locking mechanism. How much would this cost and where do i take it?