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The two hose pipes connected to the radiator (both at the top and bottom of the radiator) randomly and abruptly disconnects from the radiator thereby making all the coolant to pour out.

This happens unexpectedly and within intervals of less than one hour.

Kindly advise why this is happening and what should be done to permanently stop it from recurring.
Has 160k miles - don't know relist history
how do i determine the cause and how much resistance should the crank sensor measure if suspected
Normally this happens after the car has been run or cranked more than once but after it sits awhile it starts right up
If it's coupling system how can I change it
As I drive the radio continues to flutter from preset station to preset station.
Sometimes when I start the car the dash will be on. Then most of the time the dash will be out and the only light on is the "Check engine" light.
Sometimes takes longer to start after it runs a little while
I have a 2002 Volvo s60 2.4. Then VIN is YV1RS61RX22098778. The transmission is shifting rough so I would like to change the filter and fluid. Upon research I am finding mixed reviews whether or not there is even a filter and where it is located. Can someone help? Thanks
No more comments at this point..what are the solutions
I need to know what dealership I can take the car to get it repaired.
And the coolant fluid steams out. The radiator fans doesn't come on
I'm trying to locate a leak in my cooling system. I want to know the easiest way to check my radiator.
The sunroof sometimes gets stuck an won't open.
The button on the dashboard to open the tank sometimes doesn't work.
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