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Checked bulbs and fuses all look fine. just the two middle bulbs on passenger side light up?
Vehicle stalled and check engine light came on. Will start and run ok. Had codes pulled at local parts store and code is for fuel tank pressure sensor. I have been unable to locate this part on the vehicle. Is it possible the code reader was giving a generic code and I have a different problem?
My car does not unlock when I press the key but the lights turn on inside. Last time I drove it went in limp mode.
Volvo dealer said it was water in gas...had gas tested both in the car's tank and gas station...both o'k.
Engine is completely gone...$17K plus
$1700 diagnostic and $13K owed on the car. Have complete service records from Volvo dealer.
What recourse...Volvo....other???

I cannot find information as to whether this model displays a "Engine Oil Low" message when the car is low on oil.
The hinges and lock are broken, and am wondering how much to repair it.... Can you help me?
I have an oil leak in my car
When i reach 55 car starts shaking really bad and mostly when acceleratating .i put new axle on driver side 2 front bearings and i just cant figure it out can someone help please?
leaking fuel after having replaced fuel pump..
Has new throttle, new power steering pump, runs fine. Occurs all the time.
common with this year i know can't go smaller on rims large brake shoes. bumpy roads need to lift front end
I changed the hose but still having the same problem
My car needed a oil change and kept saying low oil pressure and low oil changed added coolant car cut off while i was driving....had oil changed new thermostat housing unit in now my temp gauge wont move there is no heat in my car the fan is loud and now the engine service light is on as well as the check engine light!!! What do i do????
key go in and make a ding sound but will not turn car on or release steering wheel
whistle from brake
When I hit the brake pedal its gone but starts later again
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