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when started. no codes(code free). What is wrong? Electrical problem. All fuses good!

I have a lot of non-professional experience so I am not afraid to tackle it unless someone tells me it requires a pro due to certain techincal issues, etc. Thanks

I brought this car from dealer on 6/17/2011. I have 781** miles on it. My check engine light came on 15/17/2011. There was a message to check the gas cap (which I did) and the message disappeared but the light has remained on. Did someone know how long will this "Check Engine" light on?

when I start the car it takes a long time to actually start. It seems like up to a minute, although I did not time the duration. When it starts the motor is a rough idol. I recently replaced my plugs and wires, but this did not change the situation. A mechanic suggested turning the car on and off and on a few times to prime the fuel line, but this hasnt seemed to make a change. When it is running it runs fine on the road and at stop lights it idols smooth.

My 2004.5 Volvo S40 T5 driver's side rear door won't unlock with FOB key or manually. Please help.

so we replaced the Fuel pressure sensor and cleared the code but its the light came back on.. Ive don some research (which is pretty hard to do with these dang volvo's lol) and it could be a clogged fuel line, bad filter, or may need a whole new pump :( any answers or advice for me?! It'd be much appreciated.. ohh and the milage is at 73K I've only had her for a few weeks and the light turned on an hour after I signed the papers :(

I have a left rear brake light out and was wandering the easiest way to fix, i have been told i have to replace the entire assembly

How do I know if the oi is leaking at the turbo? Also how much would it cost to repair this?

I just change my battery and requesting the radio code.

we have lack of power when regualur gas is run and the cooling fan and tewp gauge not working

My son sprayed water to clean off the engine. Car ran rough, waited for it to dry, runs good cruising but wants to cut out only when accelerating. Checked everything for moisture but still happening. Any suggestions? (It has a Turbo)

Within the last 3 weeks, my car will stall as I am sitting at red lights or just idling. It happened once a week for the first 2 weeks now about 4 times in the last week, so more frequent now. What can cause this? I just spent about $2200 in Dec and another $500 in March fixing "known repairs necessary at about the 60K mile mark in Volvos.

Was driving and heard what sounds like pulley or belt noise.Engine light came on,went to auto parts store got trouble code P2187. What could this be and how do i fix it? Is this gonna be expensive? Thanks for your help.

I am thinking about purchasing an 02 S40. Are there any common problems other than water leaking? This is a base model with no sun roof.

when i kick in my turbo it missfires and sputers til it catches up w gas. it runs great otherwise and recently had timing chain replaced. could this be a gas problem ?

The key will not turn, happens alot.

The first thing that happened was that it wouldn't start on the first turn. Then it stalled at a red light - then, I was driving 45 but the car was trying to go 70 - it was like cruise control was on - I had no control of the car. The breaks felt weak. At the same time, my temperature guage was going up to almost the red area and then dropping to the bottom then back up to middle ( normal) - all this was happening within seconds/minutes of each other. The car would calm down and the temp gauge would be normal then, it would accelerate and the guage would react - this went on for 10 miles before I could just park it. The shop replaced the idle air control valve and said it was fixed. I drove it off the lot and with 27 miles it acted the very same way. They have been test driving it for the past week trying to make it 'act up' again but it hasn't done it for them. I will not drive this car until I know the proper part/sensor/module has been replaced! It is too scary and I will have an accident or hit the car in front of me. Can you please help!

My car is due for the NYS inspection and my check engine light came on. I check and the scan code is P0456 Mod$13. What do I need to do to resolve it? Will I be able to pass my inspection if not fixed?

My Check Engine light came on and when I ran the codes with my code reader it shows MAP Sensor P000171. Well I have replaced the MAP Sensor, then both the O2 Sensors on the exhaust, the IAC, plugs and wires. Rest the code and after the second time starting it comes on after about 30 miles. Out of ideas.

rattling noise in rear when driving over even small bumps - what could it be - I thought it might be a loose muffler but it appears fine -I can't even jiggle it. The rattle noise has gotten louder over the last 2 weeks. Could this be damagerous?

My email address is I would appreciate
any help to fix the water leak in my volvo

our volvo has been leaking water under the driver and passenger seats vents runs into the back and it is like a
little pool on your feet please help.

our volvo has a leak coming under the seats through
the vents please help it has been leaking for about 1 year

What's the estimated cost of replacing the motor mounts?

Just discovered behind the passenger seat floor is sopping wet. Took the floor mat out and trying to air dry the area - I have no idea what has caused this - we have had a huge amount of rain lately and the car is parked in driveway (no garage). Any help would be appreciated.

Could someone tell me where to locate the air conditioner drain line for a 2006 S40 Volvo

Just under 85K miles on car. A couple of nights ago I suddenly lost power and acceleration. Dash said "reduced engine performance". I pulled over, shut engine off and started it again. Light was off, and everything appeared back to normal - temporarily. Problem reappeared almost immediately. Found air intake hose loose both top and bottom. Looked like it was damaged at last oil change. Crack in it on the bottom. Temporarily fixed by applying duct tape, and reattaching hose securely. Performance immediately improved greatly; more responsive at slightest tap of accelerator, and light was again out. It ran great for the next 15 miles, then suddenly the same problem reappeared. It has the "feel" of a dirty fuel filter, but I don't understand how that could cause such a sudden change...? Help please! The car is no longer under warranty and I cannot afford a huge dealer bill, chasing what appears to be a very illusive problem.

it a 2000 s40 it hard starting and rev up to 4000 rpms and the rpms won't come down

Everytime I go to shut my 2006 Volvo S40 off the key no longer wants to come out. If I fiddle with it for 15 - 20 minutes it'll come out. I have tried reparking the car, turning the steering wheel, moving the wheels, backing up the car a little, moving it forward, truning the car on and off, and it is a royal pain. I have talked to the dealership and other repair shops and they all want $500 - 700 to put in a new switch. There has to be something to this as there are others that are having the same issues. Is there any recall on this? Can someone please help me get this fixed without pulling $500 - 700 out my butt???


how do myou get the valve cover of took all the bolt out still isnt coming off??