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This is the only code that appears. The car runs and shifts properly.

In reading recent links, the gear box selector switch may be bad or loose wiring. Where is this located and how much does the part cost?

Heating & Air fan does not function.

had car problems got that code and trying to figure out what it means

volvo 96 850 will turnover but will not start has coolant coming out of the tailpipe when you try to start it! Coolant light came on and then car shut down while driving! Coolant level in expansion tank was good before trip! Could you please tell me if its a head gasket or water condensation! Thanks!

the instrument panel after the car drive for 10 minutes more or less, is not given a steady readind,the spedometer, the temperature gage, the gas needle, and the tacometer needle start to moving up and down like crazy !!!
what is the posible cause of this??

every time i warm up my volvo it begins to hesitate then it turns off, whats wrong?

Broken Driver Side Headlamp - would like to learn how to fix on my own.

the window won't go all the way up and makes a chatter type of noise when the switch is pushed. Is the panal hard to pull off to see what is going on

Engine overheated on the thermostat red level. Coolant in the reservoir was steaming and possibly boiling?

My check engine light is on so I had it diagnosed. The mechanic didn't give me the code but he says I have an air leak somewhere. It was at 12.5%. My s40 is burning more fuel than usual and I can smell fuel inside the cabin. I also have a hard start. Is my car falling apart? mileage is at 147500. Seems like I'm losing power also.

2003 volvo v70xc 89k mile's. the all wheel drive don't work. no noise's no lights or messages on. whats the common problem.

I have been to the inspection station 3 times and have failed each time because all of my emissions components were "unsupported". I brought it to a shop,not Volvo,and they told methat they were unable to communicate with the Ecu. There is no check engine light on. They suggested I go to Volvo and have the Ecu re-flashed.
What do you think?

changed head remove cam gears dont have a clue how to get back in time with cam shaft

the central electronic module quits and the entire inside of the car shuts down, the only thing that runs is the engine -low beam headlights-and brake lights. The electronic shifting also stops working.
The dealer says this is an intermitent issue and has no solution

I have a 2001 S80 Volvo. Randomly my car will just "cut out" and I can no longer accelerate. RPM maxs at about 1500 when this happens. I then pull over, turn the car off, wait and minute, start the car again, and it is fine until the next time it occurs. Could be right away, or might not happen for the rest of the day. Anybody have any insight into this problem?

code indicate my volvo 969 1997 has evaparitive emission system problem.. mechanic suggested to change gas cap and performed the task but code still appears after he's reset code. how the 960 1997 evap emission look like?

just was given this car,it sat for 6 months prior. when you first start it up it runs rough, the rpms fluctuate. then when you put it in drive it hesitates for a few seconds, then clears up and runs great,even at stops,no problems. but if you shut it off even for a few minutes, the same thing happens. i changed plugs & fluids because it had been sitting for awhile.not sure why it does this at starts

When I shut down heating system it continues to blow hot air.

how to replace hub assembly on 2004 volvo s60

Does the speed sensor have to be removed when replacing passenger side strut also, what about the brake line leading to the caliper.. should it be disconnected and if so where? When you remove the 2 bolts holding the strut do you need to mark them in the position they are in and are they used to get caster and camber when you align the front end?

after 1.5 - hrs of travel [city/highway no diff]

Generally runs well, but idles very, very rough when warm.

Mechanic ran codes said it was mass air flow meter/sensor. Changed it . Ran well for 1 mile then cut completly off. able to restart and limp home. What else could it be/ confused. Appreciate any help!

The repair facility said possible head gasket for an oil leak. Is it necessary to replace head gasket, or can I just keep a check on the oil level?

Is this just for basic maintanance?What would this entail?

Where can I find the timing mark on the above car? Also, any other help in setting the timing is appreciated.

significant wind noise approaching higher speeds--appears to be coming from the windshield area. is a prob on our 98 as well.

My car's AWD quits working. What could possibly be wrong by most accounts? I was told the OIL Pump needs to be replaced. I thought oil pump functions in circulating oil to lubricate engine components. What's that got to do with kicking in the AWD? Sorry, I just probably am so naive about car mechanics.

whirring sound (like a sqeaking belt) coming from the engine when engine is warm and in idle, and stops (or diminshes considerably) when accelerating. The check engine light is on. Any ideas before I take it to the dealer?