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Got catalitic converter changed 2. Months ago and its starting to bog down and lose power again sounds like something is in the tailpipe and stopping the ingine excelaration to sound more under the hood than through the tailpipe. and it also cutting out to almost a complete stop.
electronic control module will not work. first time mechanic tapped module and it worked. will not recognize the key - error message to turn wheels. this has happened twice, car will not start, just a clicking noise.
Have had my local shop send the module for repair and still the car acts the same.

The only way I can use the car is by taking out the fuse for the module. Before I had it supposedly repaired the only solution I found was just to drive the car with its problems and eventually
the problem went away.

I hesitate to take it to a volvo dealer, pay $200 andnot get it fixed until I spent more money for a fix.

It want turn over,look under the dash couldn't find it
I need some problem with my car gear box.It is very jerky transition when my gearbox too hot.Always descending from 2th gear to 1th,I feel big jerk .
Happened once
took car to dealer to replace power antennae the broke off in carwash. lowered my convertible top to show them the real panel that closes it down wouldn't close all the way, they replaced antennae, now there is a constant ding, and my drivers front window switch wont work, It will go up and down by using the all windows button.
they are not carrying Volvo after Sept 1, so they wouldn't give any help on top. Also shouldn't they have disconnected my battery before they replaced the antenna, I did not have to reset may battery, I am wondering if they caused shorts
clock time changes every time I start the car; can't control the levels on the heat and air conditioning, miles driven once reset keeps changing once I stop and start car; radio will just bounce from channel to channel without me changing it
my fuel gauge only reads half a tank when I just put 17 gallons in. My trunk lid opens and rear doors lock so could it still be REM?
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