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When I pull up or down on the signal light lever in my steering bar, the lights come on, they just do not blink
i have had this car for 3 years, each year it gets the same set of problems as the weather heats up...the engine stalls in traffic. the dealer replaces the fuel pump each time and it works ok for a while ...than back to stalling.

i live is UAE
Does my 2011 Jetta se 2.5 have brake pad sensors
Is it the shift module?
Purchased a used 2010 Passat Komfort with 112k. Didn’t test drive on freeway (shame on me) and soon discovered tires badly cupped on inside. Then discovered 2 wheels bent and 1 cracked! Order refurbished OEM wheels and new very good tires. (Vogue BW, 60k warranty) Now when I drive at any speed I hear what I assume to be a “whopping” noise from the rear. Louder at higher speeds. Tires all balanced well. Suspension checked ok by German Autowerks in Columbus. Car does down road straight as an arrow. This noise is driving me crazy! Help! Thoughts?
Changed camshaft sensor, coils, plugs, wiring, fuel pump, battery,and waterpump. Still have to turn 3 or 4 times to get started and 341 code still comes up.
The freon pressure is fine. The blower is working and the compressor is turning. Still blows warm air. I have been told it could be the temp selector.
While car is idling it makes a sound like a fan is hitting something
The rattling is extremely loud which can be heard in and out of the car and is noticeable. This is so frustrating because my mechanic cannot even locate the problem. It can be not just limited to accelerating. It can be heard when I am idle, or slowing down. My car has just been serviced and no apparent issue was detected or found. There could be days without this rattling and then it starts up again. I cannot find the link to when this happens. There are no leaks detected.
Can not lock sliding door manually or with the fob
When I start my car it hard to turn the steering wheel an there a red steering wheel light that comes on
Rear brake was seizing. Changed caliper, bled the line. E-brake has slack when off. Problem still occurring.
I left the car running for an hour and it started running rough like its starving for gas but ive change thw plugs and filter trying to figure out why its runs good for an hour and then starts running bad its an 2002 VW beetle 2.0 non turbo
When I start the car is runs smooth. After five minutes of driving it starts to idle roughly. The gauge goes up and down as it idles..The check engine light is on.
Happends at low rpm all the way up to about 4000. Cats been deleted. New air filter. About to replace fuel filter.
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