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i am a repair shop replacing a factory conv topp. How does the rear come out?
My 2001 Passat Volkswagon won't fire up. It makes a electrical noise from coolant casing to under manifold. I also found a hose only hooked up to the manifold and loose. Believe it's a vacuum hose. Can't find the other end to hook up 2 feet hose if tht. Prob 18 inch rubber hose off front of manifold. All its doing is makn a buzzing and electrical sound. Please help
I'm not a mechanic so my window wouldn't roll down on my 98 1.8t b5 passat so I changed the wiring harness and the ccm and now my car won't start but there is a clicking noise that happens when I try to start my car
My brake light comes on after I get to about 40-35 mph.. not sure why.. contact is good nothing seems stuck..
El carro lo programan y se le quita despues de un tiempo vuelve aparecer el signo de volante rojo en tablero y se pone duro el volante
oil leak collecting in splash pan on driver side front and leaking on garage floor. no smoke or smell.
Air is not really cool, engine fan keeps engaging when motor is off. When we try to use the air, the temperature gage moves toward the overheating side.
I was driving my Volkswagen Jetta wolfberg editon 2009 when I stepped on the gas it wouldn’t go no where the epic light and ck engine and it gave a misfire 3 cylinder code
The horn works fine except when i press on the left side of the horn button. is there a separate relay for the left side ?
Ironically, I am a mechanic. But I never have time to work on my own vehicle. I have a 2001 VW Jetta that I bought recently as a spare car. I took it to a shop to get some work done, and on the ‘list’, was the a/c. the mechanic could not get the a/c to work unless the car was going over 30mph. He told me that it needs to go to the dealer to get the ecm flashed, is this a common issue? Or is somebody pissing on my back and tellin me it’s raining??
I’m buying a 2014 VW Beetle. It has 44k miles, any concerns or comments ?
I would like to know if there’s any mechanical or technical issues that I should be concerned with?

The car is currently in pretty good condition,
And previously owned from Florida
2001 Eurovan. Turns on and runs but has problem maintaining speed. Took to VW specialist and said it might be sensors or transmission.
This has been about the 4th or 5th time it has happened since I purchased my used beetle in 2013. The window makes a grinding noise when rolling down, then eventually stops halfway. When you try to roll it up, sometimes it will roll up a little, sometimes it will fall down a little, or all the way. This time, I was on my way to the imports shop, ran over a railroad track and the window fell all the way down (the day before, my boyfriend was able to push it up with his hands so because we anticipated rain). This has never happened before where the window would fall down in the middle of driving, only when trying to roll the window up. Why is this happening? What is the underlying issue? The car runs pretty well for it being this old and has pretty good mileage. But the window....omg. I'm putting so much money into it for it to keep breaking? Is it a regulator or motor problem? Why is buying a new one every time still causing a problem? I just bought a brand new one a year ago.
My electric cuts off every mile i replaced a fuse on top of battery no luck it just goes silent all electric
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