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push key fob in only steering light and battery light illuminate, all controls work ie. lights, windows, locks, radio..etc. but not turning over to start. Before the check of fuses fans started and the car would turnover but not fire. Initial problem was failed coil and connector.
Leaking valve cover gasket
Head light was burned out. This activated the warning light. Head light bulb was changed, light won't go out.
A week ago I noticed water bubbling and pooling on the floor behind my driver seat. The water was clear; it had been raining that day and I'm assuming water was being thrown up into my car. I was able to soak up the water and dry it up completely with a fan. While doing so, I noticed a depression in the floor where the water had been pooling. A cursory visual didn't reveal a hole but noticed that there is a spot just below where the water pooled is softer than it should be, not a hole. Can anyone tell me how water is getting into the car and what I need to do. I am a senior on a limited income. The car is in excellent mechanical condition and I really need to keep it running. Thank you.
Does a relay control the headlamp(s)?
my car stopped turning on so after i towed it back to my house i ran the code which came up:
1.dirty engine oil
2.low engine oil
3.camshaft actuator circuit open or shorted
4.camshaft actuator circuit poor electrical connection
5. faulty camshaft actuator
i dont wanna buy the part if this isnt exactly whats wrong with it. i charged the battery and tried turning it on again and it just cranks. HELP!
It sounds like air is escaping from something
and will come on again brake pads are in good shape.
This vehicle is getting no oil to the camshafts and lifters. Its very noisy. If you bring the rpm up it will quite down. The oil change history of this car is poor. Is this a noted problem on this engine?
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