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car is a 2.0 turbo , it comes from the back side of engine.
The engine also overheats when you run a few miles, and indicates 'check coolant'. The tank dries up without any leaks
It's an automatic wagon model, only has 135k miles on it. Was working just fine but was sometimes hard to start but never failed me. Last time it ran, I drove it on the freeway and at one point it began losing power, I slowed down a little, it seemed to even out and I got to my destination. About an hour later, I went to restart it and it would turn over but refuse to fire. It hasn't started since.
the vibration is coming from the front end,it remains steady throughout all rpms in all gears. vehicle was flawless before her trip. it now feels like the front axle is going to tear off the car.i can feel the vibration in the steering wheel ,gas pedal and brake pedal. cv boot has some play in it when i grab it and shake it. not sure if it did before though. please help
Wire or wires are burned, haven't fixed it yet. It was smoking for awhile but wasn't sure what it was since if its not one thing its another.
I plan to buy a used 2001 Volkswagen Passat from someone and I was informed by the seller that the turbo has gone out which causes the car to smoke at idle. Is this a serious problem and worth getting fixed.
Interior got wet. Was driving when dome light came on. Turned em off.continued to destination.came back out and running lights and tail lights were on.(had turned lights off)key fob didn't work. Power windows didn't work. The engine would not attempt to start. The battery is good. I think something shorted out. I need help.
The epc light come on
My car died and it will not start any idea what it could be
ignition coil and spark plug are good
On numerous occasions my car has stalled out on me. Once while in the car wash, three times just driving home from the grocery store not going any faster then 50km/h, and just reversing out of my drive way. Took it to the garage and the mechanic can't find anything wrong with my car. He did say there is 20 different codes coming up when it's hooked up to the computer
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