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It makes the sound for about 10 to 15 seconds and stop . It also shakes after its in park for 3 mins . Randomly , and I just spent 1500 getting all the leaks fixed and a major tune up .
and the check engine light came on the nest day. Went to Autozone and there were no codes. How do I get light off?
leaking is causing massive amount of smoke was told that my system isnt leaking that its probably air bound was also told that it may be water pump related or thermostat related not sure what it could be and want to prevent further damage
but after a day the light came back on and it misfiring again what should i do
My key not not letting me in my car
Recently I lost power when I drove over a small bump and then had to pull over as the computer system was freaking out and car wouldn't start without a jump and wouldn't stay running and after jumping it flashed "ALTERNATOR WORKSHOP!". First thought was that the alternator could be bad, had battery tested, it was no good replaced that, took out alternator tested it 3xs and passed each time. Put the car back together and car worked. Fast forward 2-3 weeks and it runs out of coolant again (just bought the car in September 2014), and the car does the same thing and flashes "ALTERNATOR WORKSHOP!" To make matters worse, the oil was checked and it appears to be burned up. The oil was checked 2-3 weeks ago and was fine (no burning oil smell). Also, heat isn't working properly, could be non-related.
Please help!
and tensioner but it still does it. could it be a waste gate or turbo ??
car is a 2.0 turbo , it comes from the back side of engine.
The engine also overheats when you run a few miles, and indicates 'check coolant'. The tank dries up without any leaks
It's an automatic wagon model, only has 135k miles on it. Was working just fine but was sometimes hard to start but never failed me. Last time it ran, I drove it on the freeway and at one point it began losing power, I slowed down a little, it seemed to even out and I got to my destination. About an hour later, I went to restart it and it would turn over but refuse to fire. It hasn't started since.
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