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One running light is out but will come in if I wiggle the emergency break up and down. Both headlights are also not working but replaced 2yeara ago. Also can just a bulb be replaced or do you need to get the whole head light done in one unit? No leaks or notices
On start up everything works fine but when the engine reaches normal temperature the fans kick in to high speed and remains running at high speed but temperature is rock steady. The fan runs on after the ignition is turned of for about 2 to 3 minutes.Could this be one of the sensors or the sensor in the thermostat housing. Can I check the sensors with a multimeter and if so is there a specific resistance value they should measure.
Thanks Michael.
problem diagnosed at three shops- all coming up with same code indicating catalytic 2. Know it will be labor intensive- just what is procedure for it's replacement?
If i run my car to freeway it overheat and oil pressure sign lit .
I did do electronic check they cleared the error it drives but when I drive on high spread when I brake it goes back in safe mode again.when its about to come to a coplete hault it gives a grinding sound on front wheels
The problem always happens after being on the freeway for over an hour and continues at slow speeds and in 1st through 6th gear after I get off of the freeway. After the car has been parked for a few hours the shuttering (shaking) problem goes away.
The engine seems to be running fine.
Could this problem be drivetrain related?
The engine has just been professional tuned and fuel filter has been replaced. Transmission was rebuilt 5,000 miles ago.

My w8 has stock hid lights, well I replaced the ballast and it worked for two sec then the fuse blew and so did the new ballast. Now I'm stuck iv spend 500$ on not the problem and now I need to know what to do?! Bc the passenger side lights works but nothing on the driver side dose.
Chief mechanic said 6 days. I brought it in on the 17th.
90% of transmission is being replaced.
my check engine light goes on and off every few hours, but other than a lil kick when tapping the gas it seems fine. HELP IS APPRECIATED!!! my first car lol 125k miles btw
2003 vw passat, w8, 4.0 liter, 32valve
pictures would go a long way
2003 VW Passat; W8 4.0liter, 16 valve
My mechanic told me that it'll cost eleven hundrend US dollars to fix the right rear window for my Passat W8. He said that the motor needs to be replaced. Does it really cost that much?

I'd appreciate your help.
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