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Going down hill car stutters
Where is this located?
Drove 500 miles stopped it and then tried to drive it and it would kill and not move..!
I am stuck on a St. and it starts but kills when I put it in gear..!...FIRST time.
Dealer reset several time saying nothing found, light stays clear for up to a day, but comes back. Are the missing something, or just not being honest with me?
A red light is blinking in my husband's Volkswagen Passat TDI,could it possibly be the thermostat or could it be that the reservoir is low.
When I am turning the car from "off" to "Ignite" position, to wait for the glow plugs to warm, when I turn the key I hear a very faint noise, almost electrical I guess you could say, for 0.2-0.5 seconds. I turn on the car after the glow-light has disappeared and the car runs great. Recently had it serviced for safety and e-test and believe everything is in working order. I have great ears for things once I am use to them, and I believe this could just be me picking up on something that other people do not. No issues with the car other than this little noise when turning the key from off to "Ignite".
Engine light on. Code for DEF pump. Part over $800 plus labor. I have read this has been a problem and wonder if common or am I just lucky as my extended warranty just ended about 2000 ago.

Has anyone been able to bypass this system or is there a better system? Seems like the corrosion from the ammonia the probable cause. What if it goes out fully before I can get fixed?
I have an engine code P202B; adblu tank heater not working. If I decide not to fix it, what than? It never gets cold enough for the DEF to freeze here in south texas.
The care rides great. A VW dealer changed an air intake and 2 wires (unclear where). After picking up the car the light and warning returned within 2 days. Any ideas.
shop my window washers,the adjustable timed wipers don't work.
CEL came on. Ad Blue Pump out. Not warming the fluid. Cost to repair 1300 at VW. Common problem?
They used the hand computer on my car. I thought he said it was the trottle. He said it was something on top of the motor. They removed it and said if it comes back on to bring it back to be fixed.
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