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It will not smoke or burn oil if I don't preach atleast a hour or drive time and it only smokes when I slow down and take off again .
Want to put bigger engine in my 08 Jetta , looking for horses power
windows go down by themselves now wont go up
My trans in my jetta is 02a 2.0 motor, I need axles but will stock jetta axles fit into 02a trans?
It won't start after replacing the oil pan
Car needs new cool fan motor assembly, new air injection pump and a new transmission. They tried servicing the transmission but it slips between 3 and 4th gear.
I hear its a manufacturers error and a valve in the line to the tank prevents you from fueling fast
not sure what size engine
code po170
fuel trim bank 1
Ac works sometimes and it stops working
I have a wv jetta 2016, a month ago my nephew wanted to drift it and he failed to drift, hit the rear driver side in a curve the driver seat and shoulder airbags blew up. now the car doesnt drive over 30mph. even i replaced everything. is there a fuse that control the speed that stuck by 30mph or there is something that needs to be replaced to let the car drive over 30miles? I appreciate an Idea.
the fan knob is not working
looking for the blower fan fuse location and amperage
Dash says that my hood and trunk lid are open and my wipers don't work when the car is running , I've changed the fuse for the wipers , still the same , when I lock the doors with the remote the alarm goes off about every 15-20 minutes any help would be appreciated greatly, thanks
When I turn the key to position 2 it beeps 3 times the EPC, ABS, and immobilizer lights come on. It starts then dies after 2 seconds. Any advice?!

I have unplugged the battery for 20 minutes and restarted as someone recommended. That didn't work. I tried a second key I have that also didn't work. All interior fuses look ok. I haven't Had the 3 on the battery checked yet.
drives forward just fine
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