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smoke is coming out from under the hood, temp is 190 almost immediately and in minutes running at 250+ and the temp light goes on. had new thermostat installed. that didn't work so the mechanic cut 2 hoses near the firewall, he said antifreeze was leaking into the car. then he replaced the antifreeze overflow and there is something floating in it. running worse than took me hours to drive what should have been a 10 minute drive. I called him back and was told to take it somewhere else. Any idea what the problem could be? I took the car to auto one and was told not to run the car this way, so now what??? This happens whenever I get into the car.
i wanted to check the fluid level and color ,but im not used to working on my jetta. can you point me in the right direction? i took a quick look the other day and found the oil dipstick but couldnt locate the one for the trany? thanks in advance for your input.
i recently replaced the maf and both o2 sensors to be able to get it smoged. got it smoged and soon after the chk engine light came on again and has been on for about a month i hooked up the scanner it threw a lean cond code.about a week ago i replaced the fuse for the cig lighter and the prkg brake light stays on and beeps while the car is moving and the epc light is on as well. but the car runs fine. HELPPPPP!!!!!
parts + labor. I looked this part up on the internet, and I've found that it goes for ~$20 brand new wholesale. I'm I being ripped off? What should I expect to pay for parts + labor of a cooling hose flange? Thanks!
Rear DRLs not working on trunk, replaced bulbs but I cannot seem to locate the fuse or relay for them, Can anyone please help me
I have been told my 2007 Jetta's needs to be replaced,and that
the transmission needs to be drained and lifted out in order to
do the repair.All this for $1400.00
I got my alternator replace the other day and the car starts great but now my radio won't turn on, I know there is some sort of code each car has but I have an aftermarket radio and it won't power up at all
Suggests spark plugs

I bought an 02 wagon that ran ok, but had no reverse. I bought an 04 engine/trans from a service mgr at local VW dealer that was in his daughter's car before it was wrecked. He said it was all in good running shape. I believe him, however, after doing the swap, I have Excellent reverse, and 1st - 3rd gear, as long as I shift manually. Now car will not go into overdrive, and will not downshift on it's own. I used the throttle body/control and TCM from the 04 car. I've tried the re-learn with no results... any ideas where to go from here? My next guess was to swap the TCM and throttle body back to the 02 components, as Trans shifted and acted fine before the swap, save for not having Reverse...
Coolant light turn on as soon I take off but I check the fluid an it's full I leave it slowly but it look like it's coming from the thermostat
Trying to get car smogged however cannot do this since engine light is on. Been advised to replace chains and tensioners by one mechanic. Pretest smog failed due to timing calibration fault. Another mechanic advised crank and camshaft position sensors are bad and to replace those first as they affect the timing, then get smogged. Would like to keep car if I can get it smogged yet not sure the sensors replacement would be worth it or if it's worth the money to replace chains and tensioners.
These were a new set of Hawk ceramic pads that work great. I'd really like to keep them. Can I somehow bypass/jump the sensor. I thought there would be an easy solution. Am sure I underestimated this. Be kind. Thanks
it will start, must keep foot on gas. min 10,000 rpm. standard veh. gas powered. 4 cyl. can't drive it though.
It was clicking and then it clunked and there was transmission fluid all over the bottom of the car. I am sure I will have to replace it and need to know what to expect as far as replacement.
Crankshaft pulley is wobbling and making a knocking noise
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