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In the morning she want start but around noon she fires right up. I'm thinking IA sensor or MAP ? She also did not start up after a 10 min shutdown twice?
Txt for the help !!!!!
Mine has had to be replace twice in one week (first replacemant deemed "faulty part") and the second didn't start the engine because the fuel pump needed to be replaced. Is this unusual? I think the code was P0312 or P0213.
The car has been either not starting (twice in June) or starting then stalling (twice in April)
The ignition control relay has been replaced, as well as new distributor cap, plugs and wires. After relay replaced it worked for 2 weeks then nothing. The car when it runs, runs well and smooth. Some wires have been checked and cleaned. I'm at a loss. Anyone have any other ideas. The obvious grounds have been checked and cleaned. Any hidden gremlins that anyone else knows about?
It all started out with my car shutting off in the rain. It will start back up but o really need to Rev the engine well and let it sit idoling for a few minutes before I can drive again. I plugged in a code reader and the 2 codes were P0118 and P0102. When I spoke to vw they said the mass air flow sensor doesn't matter and that its probably on because of the aftermatket AEM intake. Well recently my car started doing this on any given day. My EPC light is on and so is my ESP light. I am at a loss what to do. Vw wants me to bring it on for a full diagnostic for 130 per hour! Any suggestions before I waste money on vw taking their sweet ass time to take advantage of a young girl like myself. I am mechanically inclined but I'm at a loss. Any suggestions (besides sending it to the junk yard) would be greatly appreciated.
I replaced the relay on the fan but it still won't run off.Dont know what else it could be.
Ran fine to go downtown and then I started home and the shifting was so hard I thought I'd go thru the window
I had it in the shop at the vw dealer and they fixed the problem so when I got it back it was fine but after driving 20 miles the check engine light came on. I called the dealer and they said to drive it and it should turn off. so I did sure enough it did turn off but just recently it turned back on again.I just paid $328 to fix the promblem I just dont want to be charged again and I only had my car back for a week.
Automatic transmission has been stuck in first gear ever since it turned on. What might be causing this? This happened 2 weeks after I had the transmission repaired.
We charged the battery there is an Auto parts store that says if I bring them the starter that they will test it to see if thats it before we buy one.
my wifes car the 2008 jetta ive diagnosed the blend door actuator is bad the heat is on constantly even with the temp control at its lowest setting is the actuator and blend door above the blower motor do you think the temp control is bad too or if I get that door shut properly it will fix the problem ? We had a heat index of 104 today so it would be nice have the heater off and not pay some mechanic 100 bucks an hr. to fix it
seatbelts are totally locked
When car starts it misses and runs rough. Then a lot of white smaoke comes out of exhaust.
I will try and change the fuse Number 14 and where is the circuit breaker on my car
I have an 03 Jetta GLS Wagon 2.0 not turbo. I need to replace the exhaust pipe coming off the engine. What is that pipe called? I have searched and searched the internet and Auto Zones website and cannot figure it out? Also, what doi need to keep in mind when weighing my options of pipe to buy?
Thanks for all your help
I have a 2002 VW Jetta with 201,500 miles. I was having an issue with the car running rough, and then finally the blinking check engine light came on and I had it towed to the shop. The shop replaced the spark plugs and wires (a 'tune up') and the car ran better.

However, I now have a NEW PROBLEM where the car will run rough on occasion. Sometimes I will go to start the car and it will run OK, but pretty rough, and then when I come into a stop light and the car comes to a complete stop, it will 'jump' repeatedly - any idling is difficult for the car.

Then one morning I went out and it just would not run hardly at all. It was extremely, extremely rough. I had it towed again. My mechanic looked at it the next morning and said it ran a little rough going into the shop, but he cleared the two codes (cat. converter & engine misfire) and it ran perfectly fine after that.

I have had the car back now for about 1 week since last bringing to mechanic and it has ran fine excepting one time, and that was after it rained. I can't definitively say yes/no to a pattern (of running rough & rain), but it has been true at least since I have been paying attention to it.

My thoughts are that when the mechanic did the tuneup, maybe he cracked a plastic component that houses an electrical part? I have also been researching the issue and it seems I should check the ignition coils for problems, but I do not know how to do that and don't really want to keep bringing the car to my mechanic and having him $$ me for no answers!
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