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How do you service automatic transmission 2005 jetta 2.5 5cyl.

The fan is working and I've had no leaks from the water pump. My friend thinks its the thermostat? What would be the cost (labor and parts) to fix?

The Jetta appears to be a one foot driver car. Is it possible to
re program the computer to eliminate the accelerator being
disabled when the foot is touching the break pedal?

When I start the motor, a round yellow circle with an explanation mark in the center comes on.

My gears are locked and it wont go from Park to any gear!

how do you change the coil on a jetta and is there only one coil

headlights wont work and the car wont turnover

What's the crankcase capacity? and how can I easily determine weather the loud knocking noise is a rod or something else?

I took the car in to the dealer for oil change, and was told I needed a large cooling fan replaced ($545)and a tie-rod left side($261) and a coolant system flush($545). What do I look for to know if this really needs to be done and cost is OK?

What purpose does the sensors in the the thermostat housing performs and what is the names of the , yellow, blue and brown sensors.

We have put all new brakes, rotors and calipers all the way around my 2002 Jetta and now when you step on the brakes they are acting like they are pulsing (for lack of a better word) or maybe jerking! Any suggestions? We bleed them off and everything.

i am replacing rear brakes on 09jetta. the problem im having is with getting the piston to reset. iam turning as directed with a special key for this purpose and applying pressure to caliper at same time but the piston will not twist back in. please advise thank you.

Looking for TPS for this vehicle

When shifting into 1st gear, it seams it will not fully ingage and if the car is moving at all like creaping up to a stop light and you shift into 1st it will instantly pop out of gear.

Where is it located and how hard is it to replace?

any easy possible answers for why the check engine light is on? It says emissions

scheduled Maintenance

She has tried to restart it, and it worked a few days ago. This morning she just couldn't get it into gear at all. Help!

1996 VW, Jetta with auto trans: Car seems to " lock-up", the key wiil not turn. The only way to get the ignition to turn is to physically/aggressivly rock the car back & forth while attempting to turn key

i drained the transmission from the bottom but i cant find the spout to add fluid now.

auto wont drive forward will go in reverse ,manuel shift

how do I fix the glove compartment

Periodically, When I start my car, the radiator light shows up on my dash, and flashes. And I seem to fix after I loosen the reservoir cap, and tighten it back up again. Any thoughts? Also, I've had the water pump replaced, and a new hose put in. Thanks.

when your driving when it goes in second and third it makes a banging noise it not real smooth

i recently had some work done on my 2004 vw jetta & now the steering seems tougher than before & my sttering wheel light is on in my my dash what does this mean & how can I fix it?

my daughters 2004 volks jetta 4 cyl gas engine car has had a new battery installed 1/5/2011. installed battery car started she drove away. just made it home few blocks from were i live. she calls me next day same problem , jump start , car starts then after a few minutes put car in drive and again same problem- abs light,battery light,comes on. need help!

I'm having a problem every so often that my Jetta's acceleration responds very slowly. I have had the car for a year, and it has 118,000 mi. on it. I've put on about 10,000 of those. I have not had this problem much before except a month and a half ago when I had to replace the Mass Airflow Sensor. The engine made a very loud rumbling noise at the time, which has not made since and is not making now. Right now it's just ocassional sluggish acceleration. I can make it accelerate faster by really punching the gas, but that makes the car shift really hard and the tachometer really jump. It has been about 0 degrees F lately (it's January in Minnesota), but I've started it up at -20 F without problems before.
Any suggestions on the sluggish acceleration?

Just wondering what transmission oil is recommended for the 2009 VW Jetta wagon 2.5 5 cylinder auto transmiision

i took my car to auto zone and they told me my purge canister solenoid, oxygen sensor and fuel sensors are bad. i can not find where the purge canister solenoid is or what it has to do with. anyone know?

the problem occur yesterday when i made a turn going up a hill. So i shift it to 1st and drove it all the way up the hill. when we got to the top smoke started to come out of engine. I pull over let the smoke fade away and try to accelerate but it wouldn't go. tip, " its my first car, and its the first time in my life driving a stander".