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My fuel switch got pushed in some how and I can't trigger the fuel door to open. I'm going to take it to the dealer to get it fix but how can I open up the door?
At first i had a problem with the temperature light,it was blonking so i change the coolant sensor temp now my engine light is on and i can't drive the car...i press the gas but the car feels like it's dying under me
I went to a mechanic and they told me it is the transmission. My question is it ok to drive 2 hours away if my transmission isnt good? the only problem is my reverse which i can still reverse if i accelerate everything else seems to run ok.
When I shift my car into reverse it acts like its in first the reverse lights aren't on either...any ideas/answers
i am hoping that it is not coming from the radiator, it was kind of leaking slow but done got faster and faster,leaking at bottom of car around where the fan assembly is at,this leak continues while car is not running and while it is runing
it's a red light,i think its the temperature light but the car isn't over heating.It just doesnt go up at all.It occurs when i start the car
Took 2003 jetta to a VW dealer. Thought I needed transmision control module. Dealer said I need the heat sensor for TCM. Cost would be $1500.00

Any suggestions? Am I getting ripped off?
It is pressed into the transmission and I'm afraid of cracking it so I don't want to pry against it
car has 100000 miles is there another issue causing resistor failure.
2005 Jetta 2.5
Had it hooked up to the dionostics thing there was 7 things wrong but they all pointed to it being ECM...
I need to know what it looks like and where it's located so I can replace it
Exhaust is gouged open just in front of converter. Tried patching with no success.
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