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My cars engine has been overhauled. New carburettor, new distributor, new plug wires, oil pump, water pump, rebored, new pistons, rings, bearings, new TP 100 sensor. Car runs ok when weather is warm, wont start after being driven in rain. There is spark from the coil to the distributor, but no spark to the plugs. Engine swings but won't fire.
I need to replace the oil filter which I think requires a special tool?
the switch to turn on my wipers has a little picture of the washer fluid coming out but I cant get it to work! help me
initially i thought it was the coolant fluid because it leaked out and smoke came out the hood, so i drained the old fluid and replaced it with new coolant fluid.The leak never happen again but the car is still over heating, what could it be and how much could it cost me to fix it?...please help!! thank you
I Replaced Crank Sensor still No Start. OBD-II Codes are P0705-P0322-P0440-P1500-P1225-P1226-P1227-P1228-P1425. Pending P0705-P1611. Their is No Injector Pulsing and No Coil Fire. Coil Fires when Slave Triggered with Bypass Power. Very Frustrating. Ran Fine and this was My Finding the Net Morning.
I have a 2003 wolsburg edition. Its a 5 speed manual. after taking the car out of gear and turning the key off the whole car loses power (radio turns off without taking the key out and head lights turn off without turning off the switch) so you can not start it and if you hit the brake at all, all the lights will dim. The only way to correct the problem that I have found is by disconnecting the battery which resets everything thus allowing the car to start right back up. any info on this would be awesome.

it is more pronounced at lower speeds,and on bumpy surfaces. I have heard that this issue is a class problem. is there a simple remedy. the vw dealership says there is nothing wrong!
The code comes up as po413 vacuum leak. Does anyone know how to remove the push rod from the. Pedal without having to buy the t10006a tool? How ridiculous to have to spend $59 on a tool that u won't ever use again! Any ideas?
What could this mean? Was driving normal and then when I came to a stop it would no longer shift out if low gear and check engine light came on.
A hose got a hole in it and i lost all the water in while trying to make it back to town i didnt think it would hurt it to bad but now finding out I was probably wrong.I fixed the hose put water back in it but now the water drains out almost as fast as I put it in. It looks like its possibly leaking from water pump. Would driving with no water for a couple minutes ruin the water pump .
it started when I was driving and the alarm would go off and the only way to turn it off was to put key in drivers side door and this instrument problem.
Idle rough when first start up and than smooth after warm up . I did replace the intake manifold gaskets and it helped still have slight rough idle than smooth out with slight acceleration. has 100000 miles and car runs great after about 15 minutes. I don't think codes are the issue, ?valve cover or any ideas.
127,000 miles the car start to shift in high RPM , im thinking low in transmission fluid ,
but i cant find the stick , i did some searches online and this car does not have stick , so
how i can check the fluid or add more or even change it ?
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