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timing chaing marks

charging sustem light is illuminated on dash while driving,
checked voltage at battery terminals while vehicle is running, shows 11 vdc. what is my problem?

seems the fans are not coming on. neither the engine or condenser fan' any ideas?

Engine will spend over and its getting fire and gas but still won't start. It also has a Manfacurer Control Auxillary Emission Control code.

Engine emission odors come inside the car when I turn on the fan for heat or AC. Its not that the car floods with carbon monoxide, but it gets bad enough that I wont turn on the fan for anything. I tried closing the vent (recirculate) but I still get the odors. Not sure if this is coming from the exhaust manifoldm, but I definitely have an exhaust leak somewhere.

how do you replace front hood sensor?

I have the 2011 VW Jetta S (base) model, and it doesnt have cruise control... roughly how much would it cost if i was to have VW put one in it??

Where do you check the transmission fluid, I can't find anyplace to check it.

Also the EPC light comes on. Battery tested good. There is a dead short in it somewhere, right? I can drive 4 days with no problems and then it goes dead after I have been driving for 30 minutes.

the engine misses, not all the time, but on hills, or when it gets hot. When it get hot and I shut it down and restart it runs ok? I have put 30,000 miles on the car since I've owned it, I bought is used at 68,000 now has 108,000.

The air conditon works fine on the driver side, but on the passenger side niether of the vents are blowing any air..

Im looking for an engine for my VW Jetta GLX, 1997. Anybody know where i can get one.

just got done relining the cam & crank cuz it was a couple of teeth off. after doing so it was running fine but felt like it wasnt getting enough gas like the fuel pump was going out. then the next day I started it up rough idle. day after that as soon as i started it, it backfires

car starts ok in the morn. but after driving for apx. 30 min it cuts out n dies, cranks n has full power but no grip, i let it sit for 20 to 45 min (progressively getting worse) and it starts. replaced plugs, wires, dist cap, rotor, cam seal, crank seal, fuel filter, timing belt n tensioner pulley, $1500.00 later it did the same darn thing so i dot know... maybe coil or fuel pump not too sure plz help...

My car runs great then sometimes, after driving for a bit -- it starts hesitating, sputtering almost stalling. It feels like a fuel filter problem, but the powers that are working on it tell me that "of course they checked it"!! Anyway, now they've discovered that neither of the fans are turning. Would this contribute to the problem??

Replaced front wheel bearings and hub, but still have play in up and down movement in wheel,could this be the axle?

while driving hood open alarm comes on. Also when parked with engine off and doors locked alarm sounds. Can this be the hood sensor as it can prevent windshild washer/wipers working.

replacing airbags,but dont know where module is located.found used parts to replace.


the car wont start after it rains, there is a crack on the air filter cover,

What can i do to stop the oil light from beeping and to get the engine light to shut off.

I have a 1999 VW Jetta 2.0L Engine. It overheats after running it for approximately 10 to 15 minutes.The fan (s) do not kick on at all. I have replaced the thermo switch as well as the module relay, but still it is overheating. Any and all help,suggestions are highly appreciated. Thank you and God bless.

Checked the fuel pump and relay but still no go. Also noticed I'm not getting any dash indicators or warning tone when I turn the key on. What could it be?

Low beam headlights went off, Lowbeams working day running light position. Now Low beam will work in on position but the dashboad lights don't go on together. Both work when I have the switch in the halfway position.
Changed Headlight switch. Mechanic says now its the signal switch? What does the #8 headlight relay fuse do or is it a ground? any sugestions?

I have a 1996 jetta GL and I was wondering which years are interchangeable with my body style. The front end has damage and I would like to purchase used parts for it but do not know which years are compatible

i have some yellow paste inside the engine(water and oil mix)but i don't loose prestone.

i did change the head gasket a year ago, do you think is coming from my pcv valve?
i driving 15 miles per day.

While drtiving or as soon as key ignition, a pictogram of car shows hood flashing and bell rings to my anoyance.

I replaced the TCM and shifting is back! Hard into 3rd. Does it need to be reprogramed?

My drivers side window only goes up or down if I put the key in the door, a couple times it has gone up and down on its own and will not go back up unless I stop the car, get out, and turn the key on the door. The front passenger window will only go down from the passenger door, once down, it will not go up from the control panel on the drivers side door. The doors will randomly lock when i am driving. One time the horn went off and remained on for 2 hours (this was during a heavy rain storm) These problems began about 6 months ago, but seem to be getting worse! The window's have not worked for a solid month now! I'm wondering if it is window switch, wire disconnect, motor? Any suggestions would be appreciated greatly. Thank you

no diagnostic codes but a/c blows warm it seems pressurebhas to build up for it to work and cool