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48000 miles runs great but suddenly bacame difficult to start up and keep an idle i would have to step on the gas longer to get an ignition but would start result in proceeding to high rev or rpn then turn off smell of gas results due to stepping on the gas pedal if i dont step on the gas pedal it just would cranck but not startup
When I shut the car off after highway driving home in cold weather, the cooling fan stays on as if the car was very hot. I also detect a slight burned rubber smell like something is too hot. It has 200K miles on it. Is this something I should be concerned about and spend the $$ to have the dealer check it out?
I've disconnected aftermarket stereo and looked for K line but don't know color of wire or what to do from there?
located on fire wall.
It was running fine about 8 months ago when I parked it. When I decided to start it up a couple of weeks ago it had no power so I got the battery replaced and now it cranks but won't turn over. it also has a news starter that I replace about a month before I PARKED IT.
What can be the reason that courses vibration on my car while driving on a traffic between 0-10km/h, and reduces the speed while driving on a slope?
The center read-out in the dash has gone to yellow at the top and red about 3/4 of the rest of the bottom. There are no longer any didgits in the area where it used to read out the speedo,ect. Has there been any repair put out or does anything need know who can repair it. It's pretty hard to sell a car without most everything working. HELP PLEASE!!!!
I started driving my moms '04 Jetta diesel tdi last week after the car had been in our garage and not been started only 2 times . I had to inflate 3 tires, give it a jump and it was running good w/out any problems until yesterday the coolant/water light came on. I add coolant/water and the light stays on and starts to overheat. Is it normal for hose clamps or whatever to fall off? Unfortunately I'm the youngest of 4 sisters and like my dad they don't even know how to change a flat. So please, can someone give me some advice and car advice only, you can imagine what I've been told to do with clamps etc... I can't afford to take this car to a VW dealer I'm hoping it's just something simple that on a long shot I could correct myself. Thank You very much
How long have you had this problem? A few days
2002 Jetta tdi jumps out of 5th gear
Very tight quarters.....what to you come through the wheel well ? I'm stumped.


There is no smoke coming from the exhaust, and there are no noises that we can here.
I'm sure i already know the answer but is there ways to pad s smog check with that code on our do i have to fix it first?
I recently helped a friend put a bypass kit for the EGR on his Jetta , as soon as it was completed we tried to start it and nothing except one small engine bump, does the ecm need to be reprogrammed after this action is completed for it to run?
My TDI Jetta stopped running the same week as the scandal broke news. I was quoted $6000 in repairs after being charged a $900 diagnostic fee by my mechanic. i still owed $8000 on the car and decided to wait out the scandal and not spend thousands of dollars on repairs on a vw that if nothing else just lost a ton of value. Finally, the long awaited buyback claims are in motion but one of the qualifying rules is it needed to be running as of July 28th(ish) 2016. What do I do? This car has been a nightmare for me. I got scammed just like everyone else. How will they know if it had been running? Is there a way for them to tell? Is there a quick fix that can get it running just enough to make it to the dealership? I do not want to spend another dime on this piece. The buyback doesn't even cover the loss I've already accrued by owning this car.
Thank you for reading. Help!!
My car does not start in the morning and also hard start.

looking for my stereo password
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