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I'm sure i already know the answer but is there ways to pad s smog check with that code on our do i have to fix it first?

I recently helped a friend put a bypass kit for the EGR on his Jetta , as soon as it was completed we tried to start it and nothing except one small engine bump, does the ecm need to be reprogrammed after this action is completed for it to run?

My TDI Jetta stopped running the same week as the scandal broke news. I was quoted $6000 in repairs after being charged a $900 diagnostic fee by my mechanic. i still owed $8000 on the car and decided to wait out the scandal and not spend thousands of dollars on repairs on a vw that if nothing else just lost a ton of value. Finally, the long awaited buyback claims are in motion but one of the qualifying rules is it needed to be running as of July 28th(ish) 2016. What do I do? This car has been a nightmare for me. I got scammed just like everyone else. How will they know if it had been running? Is there a way for them to tell? Is there a quick fix that can get it running just enough to make it to the dealership? I do not want to spend another dime on this piece. The buyback doesn't even cover the loss I've already accrued by owning this car.
Thank you for reading. Help!!

My car does not start in the morning and also hard start.

looking for my stereo password

How do I know for sure if it's the torque converter I can feel it spinning in floor but I can put car in neutral and it stop but other than that ever gear it does it even park plz help

If it's just the slave cylinder do they have to replace the whole clutch?

It was work perfect before that then 30 min later for in my car and and won't come back on

I have a standard 6 speed transmission.

Noise will disappear when making tight right curve, but will reappear when straightening back out. It does not do this on left curves.
Also started noticing that when I accelerate the clutch briefly engages. This does this on cruise control as well if it needs to accelerate going up a hill to try and maintain speed, but drops out because clutch engaging.

I have 167,000 miles on my Jetta. I commute 300 miles to go to work once a week. During freeway speeds, when I have to brake fast in traffic, it throws my transmission off. Will be slow at shifting. All I have to do is pull over, turn off my car and restart it, it corrects it until the next time. I had the solenoids replaced a couple years ago. I am assuming it is electrical? Also, I turned my car off, lights set at off and the driver side would not shut off. I got in drove around the block and they shut off. Electrical again? Thank you for comments. Sharon

do I need to replace turbo ?

car starts, and dies, you reset and try to start it and runs for 2 sec and dies. I replace the fuel filter thinking that was the problem and it wasn't.

sounds like its running on two cyls and grey smoke

Have a manual, 120k, and in neutral when releasing or pushing clutch, the engine makes a jackhammer noise, only when right in the middle of pressing the clutch. Once the clutch is completely pushed down or completely released there is no sound. The engine does not make any unsettling sounds when shifting and accelerating with engine.

The shifting issue disappears at times and shifting becomes normal during those times, for a fairly short period of normal shifting but then back to difficult shifting. The shift lever operates smoothly between gears but is difficult to engage the next gear without extra pressure. Is the problem internal or possibly external shifting linkage play? I am having gear lube replaced next Wednesday.
What is your diagnosis?
John C.

Shop wants $3000.00 for the used one installed with a 3month warranty 34,000 miles on it? My car runs good I service it always but can't decide on a reduilt ? With a year or two warranty please help? I'm a disable veteran low income and I'm paying cash I live in Garden Grove CA 92843

I can turn it off and start it again and the light/sound goes off. It appears it has to warm a little? I had the coolant level checked and it's fine.

Car still starts easy and does idle. Sound it is making reassembles exhaust leak at manifold. Fuel filter was checked and found almost plugged. I suspect stuck intake valves. Am I on the right track?

Also there's one screw that has an odd shaped head and the other screws have a star said how do I remove the screws to see if there's a gasket

radio stopped working along with the blue tooth .I checked the fuse they are ok what can I do

checked fuses,,,disconnected radio no power

My car worked fine earlier today I went out and tried to turn the car on and it wouldn't turn over. I jumped the jetta and worked fine then the orange ABS light came on and the red Break light came on while driving then the MPH and RPM showed 0 but the car was running fine. Any ideas? Thanks for the help.

puddle of tranny fluid under the car and im try ing to figure out where the fluid leaked from any suggestions where tostart my search/?

Because it is locked it won't allow the gas pump to fully go in. Is there a reason why it locked?