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car has 36 thousand miles and ran and shifted like new before this. I drove very slow in first gear thru water.

this happened very suddenly, just got in the car after I had my starter replaced and its up there! very annoying when driving,

Had to replace both wheel hubs! I have less than 40,000

So while driving after an hour the tranny seems to go into standby mode? Drives completely fine.. Drive on the freeway and take an exit, downshifts and then won't shift after that til the tranny cools down. Bout 30 minutes later car drives just fine til I've been driving awhile and does the same thing once I slow down. Been in 3 different shops and they can't figure it out. Was told to get a new tranny but would the tranny be blown if I can still drive it?! Any help would be appreciated! Thanks

I've replaced ABS pump & all sensor to try sort this problem, a mechanic thinks the previous person who replaced the wheel bearing might have damaged where the sensor senses on the wheel hub or replaced it with a non ABS wheel hub, when I brake other 3 wheels continue braking at right pressure but the front right wheel brakes at higher pressure n ends up locking if more force is added on the pedal... The pedal gets electrically locked when this happens n as soon as the speed becomes lower the pedal loosens. I've spent a lot & I'm still having problems that is why I would like to get further info before I replace the bearing with hub as suggested by the mechanic

Anytime it rains or rained the over night , I get in my car and it gives a hard start and the epc light comes on for a couple minutes then it will go away . Why is this ?

Iv had it plugged in and nothing comes up for it ( only 2 irrelevant things like my cat and speed sensor )

I replaced 2 welshplugs already and seems now I need to replace another one. Even afterwards the light justs flashes all the time. I replaced the sensor at the bottle as well. Earlier today after a lot of driving I opened the bonnet and water was leaking a lot from the bottle.Seems like water pressure pushing water out by the bottle. When I opened the cap after some time the water gushed out. Please help. I also changed the cold start sensor but it struggles to start in the morning.

new wiper motor not working. looking for causes. Need to locate the vehicle electrical system control module and the dual washer pump relays.

Also, need to know how to align the new linkage to the new motor spindle to align wiper arm position in motor park position. (Since I don't know what the possible additional problem is causing new motor not to work.)

I scanned for codes and the ecm came up would that have something to do wit it only starting wit the check engine light being on

i turn the key and the lights and everything come on and then it doesnt turn over like i am not pushing down the clutch all the way when i first got it it would do it the odd time but hardly ever what could be my problem?

93,000 klm on it and last 3 weeks check engine light comes on
And off randomly

A few months back we would have trouble getting it into reverse gear. We'd have to put back in park then reverse and most times this fixed the problem. Now we can't get the car to run in any gear. On dash, P R N D all flash on & off. We had AAA tow the car home because the driver told us it was an easy fix, the shift cable has "come loose/apart" and needs to be tightened back up and it will be fine. My husband got the shifter apart but we don't know what to do from here. The AAA driver assured us this was not a transmission problem but of course, didn't tell us how to fix it. Any suggestions???

car has build up of ice in both doors and has caused the front of them to bend and i am not under warranty

my 2011 GTI already needs a lower radiator hose repair, cheapeat i can find is $430.. too high?

headlights go out when key turned but engine will not turn over

What can cause this and can I drive it to shop? Temp at 190

Ok do here goes a dumb costly mistake. I have a 03 gti 5 spd. Just bought the car and accidentally poured transmission oil in what apparently was the fly wheel access cap on top of the transmission. Now my clutch is slipping when the turbo kicks in at high rpm. Is there anyway to clean it with out removing the whole transmission or replacing the clutch. Car has 130k on it and have had no issues with the clutch slipping prior to my mistake and flywheel is good and shifts fine. Was thinking about spraying break cleaner in the same spot I put the fluid in to help clean it out

im just wondering if anyone else has had this issue and what to do about it.

I have check for loose hoses and wires ?

This noise is not consistant. It sounds like something is not being lubricated in the transmission. Most likely it occurs when the car is cold. VW wants $89.00 to diagnose the problem. Thanks.

the car info is wrong, they don't have my year or anything, so i lied so my question could go through!

I bought the car and put. A new engine In was driving fine then I parked it for 30 minutes T store came back out and it wouldn't start I changed fuel pump fuel filter chech fuel lines and its getting fuel all the way to the injectors but not any further what can I do

The tachometer jumps up and down while sitting still, from 10 to 30.

is it a hard repair to do. Its just broke and now stays on the floor

dis alarm system

i do not think it is the bulbs

my car was struck this weekend. i have a 2002 vw gti (automatic) - my car was struck on the front drivers side while parked and is currently at a geico repair center to repair damage. after accident the a/c doesnt work. geico is saying that there is no correlation between accident and broken a/c. anyone know where the a/c components are as i'd like to contest/argue this and have them fix it!

Vehicle won't start but the battery is good. Will start when you pop the clutch. Someone said to try the starter relay, but can't find it. Thanks.

When i put the car in drive it won,t accelerate. it will in reverse,park,neutral,but not in forward gears.