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When I idle up or rev the engine at all I lose all interior g
acuges accessories power to the windows air blower all interior lighting and not sure what else I lose but when I let it idle back down it all comes back. So anytime I take off I lose all electrical operation of pretty much everything. This started this morning driving down the highway all of the sudden my stereo quit working then I realized I lost gauges and all. Soon as I stop it all comes back. Or I can just coast in neutral and it all comes back as well. Guess I'm going to get back out and try and figure this out.

When starting engine it doesn't click over

what happened is that I put the down pipe two inches and a half and when I turned the car on it worked very well then I went to the shop to put direct pipe but it was close so I went home but the car did to much noise so I connected the down pipe to the original pipe so when I turned the car on it starded to fail as misfire so turn it off and I have this code p0223 and will change the pedal and the throttle body but the pedal still dont work so i change the oxygen sensor and the code of accelerator no longer appeared have only accelerator these codes p2128. P2123 but still not working. I hope that you could help me thanks

The fluid is good and is full and also the tranny was rebuilt about 3 months ago.

I just broke 100k on my 09 gti. It has the newer tsi engine and the dsg transmission. I drive roughly 50k miles a year and am wondering on the reliability of my car, any maintenence, and any components I should just fix now before they totally malfunction and become bigger problems. Thanks!

PLEASE NOTE: I am completely ignorant on mechanics. I am mainly looking for suggestions on what I can have my mechanic check. I replaced the turbo sensor about a month ago, and yesterday as I was driving up a hill, the car lagged and would not downshift to increase speed. I don't know what to have my mechanic check- he had recently mentioned a lose hose that pops off and messes up the turbo.

I had been experiencing random jerks for a few months, but chalked it up to 'normal' turbo-induced behavior. It turns out that some hose was lose and would disconnect, which messed with the turbo- accounting for the jerky shifting and boost lag. Also, the check engine light would come on when it disconnected- like every few weeks. To pass safety & emissions, I had to get the engine light off, so had the mechanic replace the hose. Light was still on, so he looked into it further and said we needed to replace the turbo sensor (again- if this is the wrong term, replace it with the correct one...) so we paid to have it replaced. Engine light shut off for about 2 months, then turned on again. That was a few weeks before the uphill lag mentioned above.

--What is this hose that is slipping off, and how do I fix it?

--Obviously, replacing the sensor didn't fix the lag issue- so what else could it be? (the issue being that upshifting it jerky, with a small lag- then recently exhibited the same issue while attempting to downshift while going up a hill.)

--Keep in mind that I have babied this car; I have driven a lot of miles (it has around 120K), but I am hyper-vigilant about regular services and oil changes, tire rotation and replacement, etc.

Please provide answers in very simple terms, or an explanation that a small child could understand. Thanks!

I had a tail light out when I checked the light bulb it was good unplugged the connector an plugged it back in the light worked but the interior lights, side mirrors, alarm system, Windows, and Sun roof stopped working. all fuses are good. Any help would be greatly appreciated

If I let off the gas a lot goes away nd if I put it in neutral it's almost all gone please help change almost everything driving me nuts!!!!!!!!!

thank you it has 152000 miles

When I opened my door after a snow storm a little snow fell on door controls and seat controls, could this be what is making it move on it's own?

Volkswagen GT TSI 1.4 MKV 2007 model ( Please let me know which part need to be replaced or repairs to be done)
Confirmed Trouble Codes
-P2015: Intake Manifold Runner Position Sensor/Switch Circuit Range/Performance (Bank 1) (Powertrain, Generic)

Pending Trouble Codes
-P2015: Intake Manifold Runner Position Sensor/Switch Circuit Range/Performance (Bank 1) (Powertrain, Generic)
Permanent Trouble Codes

Freeze Frame
-P2015: Intake Manifold Runner Position Sensor/Switch Circuit Range/Performance (Bank 1) (Powertrain, Generic)
-Fuel system status: Fuel system 1: Open loop (2)
-Fuel system status: Fuel system 2: NA
-Calculated engine load: 16.5 %
-Engine Coolant Temperature: 67 °C
-Short Term Fuel Trim - Bank 1: 0.0 %
-Long Term Fuel Trim - Bank 1: 10.2 %
-Intake Manifold Absolute Pressure: 37.0 kPa
-Engine RPM: 952 RPM
-Vehicle Speed Sensor: 12 km/h
-Ignition Timing Advance for #1 Cylinder: 6.0
-Intake Air Temperature: 39 °C
-Absolute Throttle Position: 15.3 %
-Time Since Engine Start: 116 s
-Fuel Rail Pressure: 5530 kPa
-Commanded Evaporative Purge: 3.9 %
-Barometric Pressure: 83 kPa
-Control module voltage: 13.88 V
-Absolute Load Value: 26.7 %
-Fuel/Air Commanded Equivalence Ratio: 1.259
-Relative Throttle Position: 5.5 %
-Ambient Air Temperature: 27 °C
-Absolute Throttle Position B: 15.3 %
-Accelerator Pedal Position D: 14.9 %
-Accelerator Pedal Position E: 7.5 %
-Commanded Throttle Actuator Control: 7.1 %
-Long Term Secondary O2 Sensor Fuel Trim - Bank 1: 0.8 %

Diagnostic information provided by OBD Auto Doctor

just was driving 55 mph and it just came on. outside temp was 28. Can I still drive my car?
how do I get the code???

forcing the switch it seems to workor just holding it in the first position also works

I barely get acceleration anymore. If i press on the gas too hard it blows completely for days. Eventually it begins to work again but not well. We still owe alot on it and can't trade it in .It's totally broken down now, anyone know any cheap repair shops for gti's?

Hum and vibration from 30 mph up was told cv axel joint now told definitely bearing going Whats the good bearing r&r price

Last week the check engine light came on for about 3 days and turned off. I contacted the dealer and they said probably gas cap. Then now the EPC light is coming on and the car starts and drives, but it sort of feels off. Is this something I can fix, such as a fuse, or is this something for the dealer to fix? Is it anything major? The car is at 194k if that helps. Your thoughts are greatly appreciated!!

My car has a bad misfire and is running like junk any suggestions

replaced mass air sensor still have same problem

say the transmission will go anytime, is that true

sensor -G40:
signal outside specification.
car type VW touran, tsi 1.4cc

Local mechanic diagnosed vehicle as having a " computer " problem. He got an engine code reading cbfa ? Says the computer is sending 5 amp electrical impulses continuously and the computer needs to be replaced .