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Volkswagen Automatic Transmission problem:
The check engine light came on. Scan by AutoZone Tech printed out to Transmission Speed Selector Switch. Shortly afterward car jumped out of gear at speed. Downshifting manually to lower speed (eg. 3rd) restored function and could be upshifted to top gear (drive). Car began slipping between shifts. Then almost complete loss of forward function by transmission. Reverse is fine. Could this be an electrical problerm? What to do

where is the fuse box location in a 1991 vw golf

i hook the battery up backwards and now the car will not start can you help

My automatic VW just stated having a delay in changing into fourth gear only. i feel a slight pull back before changing into forth but the RMP's dont jump they stay relatively normal when shifting. the car is not telling me anything is wrorng. does anyone have any idea as to what this could be?

i've changes the clutch cable with a good used one and now the pedal will not return to where it's supposed to be at what else can i do???????

inop odmeter/speedmeter..replaced cluster/and speed sensoir

i have replaced the cluster/speed sensoir/and checked the fues still the odmeter /speedmeter still does not work need help

car starts and stalls like it is out of gas

My hatch back lock is suck in the "locked" position. I can insert the key but it will not turn. I cannot access the mechanism from inside, and all attempts with graphite, solvent and compressed air have not worked. Any ideas?

LOve the idea of your website but why such a wide variance on estimates? Just looked up the cost to change a catalytic converter and its between $400 and $1200 dollars. I probably could have guessed and it would have fallen between those numbers.

I have a 95 VW golf III automatic. the tranny has a problem shifting when i accelerate. this problem occurs every time i drive the car. it will get it's rpm's up too high and when it finally goes to shift, it hits hard and i can feel it hit while driving?

Wondering if it needs tie rods?

About how much will a new clutch cost me?

My car shakes pretty violently anytime I am accelerating and get close to the 40mph mark. It seems to be less violent after I exceed 50mph and seems to only happen when I am accelerating. What could this be?

i lost the keys to my 1997 golf chico 1600 I have replaced the ignition key but what can i do to disable or bypass the immobiliser , at presnt the car is sat in the garage and i cant start it

Hello all. I have recently purchased a sweet Golf frm a privte owner, and the Ignition switch needs to be replaced. My mechanic could not replace the part because of a faculty installed anti theft system that requires a code to be entered at the dealer. The dealer would charge 10 times as much as my Mechanic does to change the ignition swtch and I would like to either remove the anti theft system or obtain it so I can change the part myself. The dealer informs me over the phone that it is "illegal" to remove the anti theft system from the car but I feel that I should have the right to do anything I want with my property.
Any advice on how to move forward from here?

my 1990 vw golf starts for 5-7 seconds then stalls out. smells like its getting fuel, it is getting spark and fuel pump sounds like its working. when i step on the gas pedal, it doesn't help to keep it going.

have just changed thermostat and just saw that water is leaking bad near alternator belt

The gas cap cover won't open. Neither will the back hatch. I have no manual for this car. Any ideas? Thank-you

I have a 2001 vw golf and recently the car lost power and epc and check engine lights are on. Can you tell me what the problem is? Thanks SIMON

i got up to the steering column and now i cant get this part off

When I use the key to open the hatch it makes the rest of the system act weird. I closed the hatch and opened the drivers door with the remote and the alarm went off. Had to put the key in the hatch to shut off the alarm. Found out the key does not work in the drivers door. This will be the third replacement of the keyless system if I have to replace it. So I want to just shut it off and use a key the old fashioned way.

I have a Golf 3 2e engine a \ t 1993 model. The problem is that sometimes the rpm be irregular and it is difficult to reach more than 2000 and the car be without power (difficult to move). I checked the car by computer and there is no diagnostic code. And i was cleaned the throttle and stepper motor and the air balancer, but to no avail Please help

How to replace the headlight of my 2005 VW golf

driver door doesn't latch when door is closed

Last week I was driving on the freeway and my car started to tug back, then all of a my car locked, turned off, and the check engine, oil, and battery light came on. Took it to a shop and they couldn't find out what was wrong with it, because their system only can go back to 1996 models. VW dealership said it might be the key? Anyone have a clue cause I'm lost.

I hooked new battery in my 94 golf backwards. alternator fried. got a new one. then replaced coil. still not starting found one fuse able link under the coolant res. its good. Also now the radio will not turn on. checked all fuses under steering column. there must be another fuse some where i am dumping money into it isnt working

My Golf will randomly shut off. Drive any speed, going anywhere, at any given moment BAAM dead. I do have a lot of corrosion on my ground wires, My hatch is rusted through, problems there. I am working on those. Could those be my fix/solution? Is there a way to kill the anti-theft to see if that is what is shutting off the power in this case?

Edit 17 July 10:
So what could the connection be between the negative battery lead and the check engine light. I am wondering about the who, what, when, why, how, concerning that Check engine light. When it's on the car starts. When its off the car does not start. Next pull negative lead and let sit for 10-20 reconnect and I'm set. What could be going on that is telling the car to shut off, stay off, and/or reset me please?

damaged transmission pan cover, transmission leaks, Removed cover needs support bracket & transmission pan cover.

How much is an average cost of repair for wire repair and 2 bulbs for the rear light?
Thank You