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The cooling fan is hooked up with a wire that is pushed in with a 30A fuse in the fusebox.yesterday i pulled the wire out by accident and the car started to overheat prior to that incident the car ran fine.i let the car cool down and i reconnected the wire but my car overheats while just idling as soon as i start it a red light starts flashing and the temp just keeps going up .i dont know what to do did i damage the engine when it overheated
Stopped for fuel, & when I tried to start back up it turned over real slow & made a clunking sound. Two tries later it started as usual & that's when it wouldn't shift to overdrive?
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Checked both fuel pumps and all relays. It starts, idles for about 5 minutes, and then I have to keep on the gas until it finally shuts off.
The diagnostics read G38 speed sensor fault with a part number of 00297. A few months ago the car would appear to loose drive in top gear on hills when warm after coming off a motorway for example. Then one day driving home from work it would not select top gear at all. I stopped at a friends repair shop but he just said scrap it. When I left his place the car selected top gear no problem & was OK for a further month or so. Now its lost top gear all together.
When starting cold I have to crank it several times before it will finally start. After it starts, if I give it gas it will immediately stall. If I let the car idle (after cranking many times it will finally start) it will usually idle then stall. I will crank again and it will idle and usually after about 30 seconds it will finally start to idle normally and then I can step on the gas and all is fine. But if I step on the gas when car is first idling before waiting about 30 seconds, it will cause it to stall.
My drivers seat belt does not retract. Can you send seat belt removal instructions?
Gear not selecting (Automatic gear)
Gear not selecting (Automatic gear)
get a reading code of P0121 electronic accelerator pedal module. won't accelerate.
Working normally but after driving a long distance, if i parked, and start the wont start but kick will be rolling, will have to wait for 5 mins for it to start.
my golf lost oil pressure. I took off the oil pan and the broken pump chain was laying in the oil pan.I need to know how to replace it. I have a new chain and a new oil pump.
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