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Battery is brand new (just bought 2 weeks ago) started fine on sat and then on weds battery was dead. put cables on and it juiced right up but wouldn't continue turning over to the point of starting..

Well here's my dilemma... I drive a golf mk1 2l 8v turbo, the car was overhauled 2 weeks back... Today I saw my no 4 injector leaking from the rail, so I bought new injector seals and closed it up tight with no leaks! I drove 10km's with it and then I could hear busting noises in my exhaust, it wasn't so bad at first, now its missfiring, but when u floor it, it seems to go smoothly until u back of the gas then it misses again... Please note the car has new cambelt, new fan belt, the coil and everything works, we checked the plugs and even put new plugs ... It ran smoothley at first for like the first 5km's then it started to miss... The car starts on the turn without touching the gas and idles. Only when I press the gas then it starts to miss fire... The injectors can't be blocked since when I really press it, it doesn't missfire anymore... There is a strong fuel smell coming from my exhaust... I'm not sure I
f the car needs to be dyno'd to set the air/fuel ratio again? Please help.

Don't have manual to check fuses. Besides fuses what else could it be? Help!

It takes up to 5 seconds to start. Someone mechanics says that is some kind of sensor that need to be changed and other says it is normal for Diesel engine to take up to 5 second to start.

check engine light is on also, but I'm not sure if that's related. Used ODB scanner and got error codes:
P0134 - Powertrain
P0341 - Powertrain
P1128 - Powertrain
P0139 - Powertrain

Start driving won't go above 35 40 mph traction controll light flashes but on some bits of road picks up fine then kicks in again can anybody help ?

Car loses all power when stopped in traffic, parking or rolling to a stop. Brakes and steering lose power. Car starts when I turn the ignition.

Need step by step please. Done this once before on a ford a long time ago.

my car wont start because of the immobilizer wont work,Its one those, old types, where you stick it in by the car, (flashing red light) the immobilizer looks like a usb. How can I disconnect it or bypass it that I get to a garage.

Can the seatbelt be repaired and what would the procedure involve?

Whenever it is plugged in to a code reader it just says no communications

Had the car checked out.Meachanic says nothing is wrong but can see on the dianostix check that there has been a missfire locked but cant tell where its from or what causes it. I had is serviced, still the same.

Okay so I was taking a 2 hour road trip I was about maybe an hour in and my epc light comes on but nothing happened so I was just like ok
Well maybe 30 minutes later I had my cruise control on going about 70mph and my rpms just drop to zero my car jerks and I lose all power so I pull over and cut the car off and crank it back up and it's running fine again maybe 10 minutes and it does it again
I continue to drive it and notice it will only go 59mph and it won't go over 4000rpm
This is with my foot pressed to the floor!
Well I changed out the coil pack thinking that was it and went to test drive it and it won't change gears(automatic transmission) if I go from 1-3 it does but in drive it will not change I can get up to any speed but my rpms stay high obviously from it not changing gears!!!
Someone please help me!

1985 Volkswagen Golf GT. The car idles fine but shuts down at different times while driving.

The car trys to start but it looks like it don't get no fuel.

Its fine while driving but as soon as I stop and try to start it again it doesn't ,sounds like there's no petrol so the starter works but it won't start, after being pushed a few meters it barely starts then its fine, its a 1600 carburetor citi golf, also there's a loose ground wiring under the bonnet I notices the other day

and the down one normal

My gearbox start slipping after one hour of running engine ?

My gearbox start slipping after one hour of running engine ?

It's a little silver cylinder with a plug on top and when I shut my car off it constantly runs only way to get it to stop is if I unplug it for a little can anyone help me tell me how to fix it? And tell me what it is I have a Volkswagen golf v5 in the UK.

Found crack in coil pack and replaced it made little difference also replaced plugs
Appears to be a shorted sensor seems if I unplug one or more sensors it clears up
Like oxygen sensor and maf or temp sensor .

My husband was replacing the timing belt but the he can’t get the nut off to rem

1998 Golf GL with 1984cc engine - what is the proper order of cylinder ignition wires to distributor cap

It cranks but not starts.unless pushed start. Then it runas fine

i wanna take the transmission out of my 1999 and put it in my 97 will it fit

It sounds like the engine struggles between 3000 and 4000 RPM when on the highway at about 60-75 mph. The problem does not occur until I am on the highway. It almost seems like I run out of gear and my car wont shift again to a higher gear. The steering wheel also shakes at this speed but I believe that is because I need an alignment. Are all of these connected? or what can it be?