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Gear not selecting (Automatic gear)

Gear not selecting (Automatic gear)

get a reading code of P0121 electronic accelerator pedal module. won't accelerate.

Working normally but after driving a long distance, if i parked, and start the wont start but kick will be rolling, will have to wait for 5 mins for it to start.

my golf lost oil pressure. I took off the oil pan and the broken pump chain was laying in the oil pan.I need to know how to replace it. I have a new chain and a new oil pump.

I had my stock head unit go into safe mode as well, but, read into it too late and the tape deck now unusable. Oh well, besides the fact I had just installed
Led my 4 brand new Kenwood 6.5s.. Uhg!!
So, a month later I have a paycheck that is all mine(sadly I work at autozone and still can’t find the right info I’m requesting in the following lines, lol) , I buy a Pioneer deh-p2600 deck, a cheap dual 500w ten in sub in a box and a kicker 300dx.2 amp, all the wires and rcas, yadda yadda..
Now I notice that my cars wires are completely different than the decks… Oh no, right? No, I download both diagrams and (think i) have it connected. The moment of truth… Turn the key to acc and… Nothing not a light a click or even a pop…
So.. My kind fellows, I need advice… I still need to do:
*run wires for amp
*get power to deck
*avoid buying the adapter because I am a broke joke.
*identify and check all related fuses.
*? give thanks to this site and any of you fine gentleman that can help me with advice. Instructions, pix, anything..
*I’m sure there are a ton of things left out, but this is my first install.

timing belt replaced out. its a german spec vehicle.


& revs the RPMs up. was told to check stripe in Valve Body? How much usually, & what does this imply? Will this fix it?

The vents on the passenger side is leaking and steaming up the windows at 230 temp

I am hearing an air noise under the dash booster. (brake booster )..... Moving the silencer (foam seal) may reduce noise level. Might fix in this way?

Wipers turn on automatically when car is started and will not stop.

2015 Golf SE 1.8 TSI motor. I know nothing about VW reliability.

It just started when I would use the turn signal, then it would click a lot..parked it for 5 days while on a cruise..when we got off the ship and loaded our car, we noticed that the ac no longer worked,,and the blower works fine and the ac light comes on..the blinker is still doing that on and off noise..

At what point should i change my timing belt. How many miles i mean.

The water coolant has the presence of transmission oil we're looking for the oil cooler for its not in the radiator like some other car

Following a cooling hose fitting crack that sprayed the whole engine with coolant, the car was running fine. After replacing two hose fittings & the thermostat, the car started to run erratically with reduced power & a knock. Code showed P0302 (cylinder 2 misfire) & P0304 (cylinder 4 misfire). I replaced the plugs, wires & coil pack, but the problem still remains. In addition to the above codes, it is reading P0300 (random multiple cylinder misfire) & P0102 (powertrain - mass or volume air flow circuit low input). Can you help me to determine where to look next? Fuel injection system? Vacuum system??

Brakes squeaking

Like the hatchback door locking every time you close it or the auto door locks when you hit a certain speed??

Hope all is well with you? Have a little issue with the car, need some input. The other while driving I tried to put the car in 5th gear and it just will not go. Good thing I was getting near to a stop light and I put in neutral, so I put it in 1st but when I tried to pull off it car was going in reverse. lol. I stopped put it in neutral and tried again, same thing. Tried again and it went into gear. But each time I tried to put the car in 5th I would get the same problem, any suggestions.