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What would the likely cause be? I have tested voltage (gets 5 volts). I thought it was supposed to receive 12, but when I supply it with 12, I get a different code indicating voltage too high. Disconnected that wire and we're back to the original P0030 code. What should I check next?
OK, I went to Pick N Pull and snagged a brain box and MAF sensor from an 04 Golf. Now it starts and stops right away.
I see a light on the dash that depicts a car in profile with a key running along the running board. Is this a security issue related the ECM swap?
Common causes for ABS light illumination?
Does clutch cable need adjustment or is it the shifter linkage?
About a week ago my A/C started not blowing as cold, now blows cold for a minuet after starting then gets hot. Also seems like in not getting outside air coming in WhEN ac off, it's also just blowing hot. My relay doesn't click when I turn on ac but I assume if it was blown ac wouldn't blow cold even for a minuet. I checked the open close levers/arms under dash. They're hooked up & moving freely. Checked refrigerant level & its @ full charge. Also no leaks... HELP ME.
The doors were locked, and the windows are intact.
I was wondering if I can upgrade my car to get seat warmers.
Despite the car running fine, my engine light is on.
I have my check engine light coming on, and the code is for the o2 sensor. but the light goes on and off and I can't figure out where the bad part is
po 442 small leak
Is it dangerous to drive the car when it needs work or replacement catalytic converter?
I'm trying to decide if I can pull my 2010 Golf behind my RV. It's a 2.5 with a 5 spd manual transmission. I know that I cannot with the automatic but the owners manual is quite vague about the 5 spd. The mechanics at the local VW dealership don't seem to think it will be a problem. I'm looking for any potential problems.
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