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VW eurovan with a 1998 Rialta camper
Checked the fuse checked the bulbs all seems to be good.
No warning light. Pull off the road . Turn off engine . Turn back on , hard to put into gear. Nothing leaking ?
After flooring the gas pedal, the engine starts back up and idles really roughly, sometimes shuts off. After a minute or so of revving it a little, the problem goes away. On really hot days it shuts off by itself at intersections when it should be idling. Could it be some kind of vapor lock in the fuel line? Or a computer or sensor problem? The overheat light comes on at erratic intervals, even if the engine is still cold. We replaced the temperature sensor for it already. Also the fan for the air conditioning seems to run fast/slow, fast slow. No diagnostic codes about it, several car mechanics have not been able to find a solution.
Any advice appreciated- where to list, how to find other VW Fans.
It's in a 1995 Winnabago Rialta. Manufacturer dat is 4/1994.
Everything works great, but transmission makes noise that appears to be normal. Oil advances may provide a quieter ride.
after getting gas, I pushed the trip mileage button & suddenly the speedometer didn't work at all. Is this expensive to fix?
Has happened a couple times and after shutting off it sounds like gas running back into the tank. The next morning it started fine and ran fine. Last time it went to dealership and got new pcv valves and mass air flow sensor and has done it again
I cannot get the shift into park or the lower ranges every so often. Thanks!
It will start well, runs and idles well, then dies. Got me scratching my head!
We have a 1997 six-cylinder eurovan camper. We've had no problem with the transmission. No sign of any problems. We started it after sitting overnight and transmission fluid started pouring out. We drove about quarter mile before noticing it. Couldn't drive it any further. p0740 and P0730. All the fluid had poured out. We towed it to a good shop. They checked hoses etc and said we need to rebuild our transmission! Expensive and logistically complicated! But, weird w no previous sign of trouble and a cold engine. Any explanation?? Thanks
The light is near the floor right side. Small light, maybe 2"x2.5". Battery drained, is this light supposed to be off, if so, how do I do it?
Riding down the highway she stopped abruptly no warning just lost all power (non electrical). New plugs cap rotor. today i bough a new ignition coil still nothing. Help please!
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