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i desperatly need a manual for my 2001 cabrio. im not working @ this time(not by choice) and cant afford to buy one. is there a site were i can get diagrams and step by step instructions to help me repair this car? cant afford a mechanic & cant go find work without this car running. can any one please help me out with this. thank you for your time.

I am looking for the part number or where I can buy the part for the driver's side mirror cover that is inside the car. The exterior mirror is fine, but the side window was broken and when they replaced the window, they broke all the clips on the cover that is inside the car that covers the mounts for the mirror. Can anyone help?

i cant find a drain plug on the gas tank. i need to get the old gas out. do i have to drop the gas tank??

just purchased this car. tried to drive the car home, it started sputtering at 40mph. then died out and will not restart. the car has been sitting for over a year. do i need to drain the gas or is there an easier way to fix this problem? thank you for any help on this problem im having!!

My was driving our 2002 cabrio w/2.0 and hit a mailbox and and went off the road onto the sandy shoulder, then back on the road. The car died during this at some point. We can not get it started. I have been under it and it looks perfect, but the fuel pump is not running. I now some cars used to have a reset for the fuel pumps in case of an accident, but I cant find anything. The airbag did not go off. Help!!

The top is missing to my fuse box and I dont know what goes where. Is there anyone that can help?

Have a 95 VW Cabrio that is dripping coolant below the power steering pump. Replaced the water pump about 6 months ago due to bearing failure and everything went back fine, no leak at that time. Small leak has now developed but can not locate the source. Removed pump and used tube gasket on all connections but still get the same leak. Could it be leaking from someplace else? No water in the oil and car runs fine so don't think it is head gasket. Nothing visible except steady drip under car. Is there another way to test with the car partially disassembled? What about hooking up a garden hose to pressurize system?

Sometimes my AC won't go on I have to turn it on and off to get it to work. Can anyone help?

We had the self adjusting clutch cable replaced as we could not put the car in gear. It was for for 24 hours and now is doing it again. What is the problem? Getting frustrated!!!!

what is PO116,PO501 individual codes mean on emissions test mean?

The temp guage needle goes to the hot side very soon after starting the car. I have changed the thermostat, the fan switch on the radiator, the temp sender switch on the right side of the engine.

The car is running fine. It has oil and coolant. The fans do come on. The a/c is working properly, so is the heat. The fuses are good.

I just got this car and the speedometer and tach work sometimes and sometimes they don't. Most of the time they don't. Also my automatic window on the drivers side won't work but the control works for the passenger side from the drivers side. What could be the problem? Please help!

My key would Not Turn, the dealer said I needed the ignition (key Tumbler). So I bought it but I need it replaced

jusy bought the car used 5 days ago... need it in good order for my daughter to drive back to college 300 miles... where should I take it... estimate of costs??

The radio powers up and shows the last fm station that was used, but no sound and none of the buttons change the display - nothing. The battery was replaced recently but instead of displaying 'safe' it's showing an fm1 last-used fm station.

The speedometer and tachometer work intermittently. The tach will vibrate on 0,but doesn't work when the speedometer isn't working. The odometer still works even when these don't.

Engine light came on, took it to Auto Parts Store to hook up to Diagnostic Test, came up with speed sensor bad. My brake light occassionally comes on as well. Related?

I am told I need a transmission on my 2001 VW Cabrio can you please tell me an honest price on this repair

I have a leak from the holding tank going down toward the engine before the radiator, what part is bad here and what is the fix? I can drive 3-4 days before the idiot light comes on and top it off. tight budget to fix, thanks

a/c comes on runs for 5 mins then goes off. changed a/c relay, binary switch, and fan control module. recovered, vacuumed, and recharged system with no problems. found out that im loosing 12v to the a/c clutch. what could cause this problem?

there is no dip stick

My 2000 Cabrio starts to overheat as soon as I turn on the AC. At the shop they changed the thermostat, the thermostat housing and flushed the cooling system. If anyone knows what else can they check for please help.

I test drove a 2001 VW Cabrio today and unfortunately the steering wheel shook pretty consistently back and forth even at low speeds. I can control by holding the wheel solid, but when I let go it turns 1" back and forth as well as pulling to the right. What is causing this and how much to repair?..Thanks

the car stalls when stopped at light n when driving when i slow down. it has no power when shifting gears. it says trouble shooting p0341

I recently let the battery die due to age and lack of use, when I replaced it I had hoped to just turn the key and have it start like it did last fall. All of the electronics seem to be working but i get absolutely nothing when i turn the key, not so much as a click. Any ideas? Could this be alarm related? I really cant afford to take it to VW right now and i hate to waste the good weather.

This is driving me crazy! Just replaced oil pressure sencor and housing, temprature is normal but the oil light and buzzer in the car wont stop. Help me before i drive this otherwise enjoyable car in the colorado river!

When I start my car sometimes the brake light on the dash board stays on as if the handbrake is up when it isn't. Does it damage the car to drive when that happens? If I put it back to P for a minute it mostly switches itself off and it only happens occassionally when I switch the car on. How can I fix that?

I got the left axel changed on my car as it needed it but after about 9 months now when I turn right it makes a rattling sound just for the bend and then stops and drives fine all other times.
Does it mean there's something wrong with the axel again or is it just cos it's an older car?

Thanks for your help

does anyone know where i can get an innexpensive convertible top for my 01 cabrio? or at lease an easy fix for it? i just recently bought it and the glue in the back by the window has come undone.

ok so the car was working perfect untill it rained. the car has a cone air filter and water got into my intake. so i pulled the plugs out to get the water out. after this ran perfect for about a week then started reving up by itself. so i would just give a little gas and it would go away. then one day it just died on me... i have spark and fuel pump is working. not sure if throttle body or air flow sensor might have gone out. any ideas what it might be...?