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when attempting to add coolant or to check to make sure the coolant level as where its supposed to be there is no radiator cap which is frustrating it looks like there is a coolant overflow reservoir located on the driver side near the firewall i just want to be sure that this the correct place to add coolant if applicable it is weird looking round shaped and near the master cylinder it also has some symbol on the cap with what appears to be an etching of a thermometer is this in fact the coolant overflow? please help me i know its a dumb question but it is frustrating to me thank you

i was told the security alarm system was set off and now will not start. any i dea what to do or how to reset this so car can be started

where are the timing marks on a 2000 vw cabrio?
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Passenger window is down. When we try to raise it, it goes up three inches, then reverses and goes back down. It has auto up and down feature, which may be part of the problem. Help?

While diving on the open road the tansmission shifted into a lower gear,then would not shift back into a higher gear. This causing the Tac to read High RPM's 6K. Then it did shift after stoping on main Highway and starting again after a couple of tries. Should the tramsmision be serviced for oil and filter change?
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The radio is deprogrammed. How do I re program it to work. It has failed to safe .

I can't figure out how to put in transmission oil, do i have to take it to the dealer? for service?

Low fluid in reservoir for convertible top

My mechanic told me I may need to replace my reverse manual transmission. How much will this cost? Is it possible to replace the "reverse" transmission only?

replacing drivers side axles

I am given a few part# for the part, on the driver's side, 1E0 837461, 1E0 837401, and sometimes it ends with the b letter, sometimes not. Anyone can help? I'm shopping this part, it's very expensive, wish i had the old fashioned window crank...

And i don;t want to buy both just to check!

checked every fuse fuses were good also checked conn at the valve actuater ?

The (red) signal is flashing intermittently, but the gauge says my motor is just at normal temperature, what's wrong you think?

I am getting estimates that are 2 to 3 times higher than the estimate that appears on the site. Is this normal? Do I have to keep caling around?

how do you find timing marks on 1996 volkswagon cabrio.2.0.

i have a oil leak from the top of my oil cooler and want to know do it have a seal or oil that can change and if yes how do i get to it to change it

Where is the air intake valve located on this car?

not getting fluid to drivers side rear wheel,and air saturation in passenger front.not leaking fluid.second port in abs block under master cylinder seems fluid comming out.have to pump pedal to achieve firmness.brake lite on dash is also on.HELP!!

What sensor causes the motor to surg after it is warmed up.I have to keep the rpm's up with the accelerator after warmed up. I checked for vac leaks, for gasket leaks on the intake. I've checked the cat converter to make sure that it isn't stopped up.

the driver seat on my 99 cabrio intermittently flips out. So when I adjust the seat the dial comes right out and occasionally the seat will just flip back. To fix this I have had the mechanism taped so that it stays put and then that wore out, so now I just push the dialin and turn and that holds for a while. DOES Anyone know anything about replacing these seats? Where you can get another and is it common that they are heated? OR is there a fix that tops the taping idea?

hi i just got a cabrio 1996 how can i open the knob for put gas on it

The timing belt in my 96 VW cabrio broke and I'm trying to decide if it's worth fixing. Can anyone tell me if it is an interference or non-interference engine?

What does the SRS code 01217 mean as a problem.

I think the line is plugged because no water ever collects under the car and although the lines going through the fire wall get cold, no cold air comes through the vents

It's been overheating and not circulating

The engine makes a knocking every time I coast in while in gear (it's a 5 speed manual). Doesn't do this any other time. Also, there's a clicking sound every time I go in reverse. I don't know if these are related issues or not. Any advise would be greatly appreciated.

I lost the fuse box panel
I need a diagram of the fuses ` in particular the radio

I tried to lower my top but it was blocked by an object. The motor no longer works, I was able to push the top up and lock it but I am afraid to put it down because I don't want it to get stuck in the open position.
Does my motor need to be fixed or replaced? How much can i expect to pay for completed job? The top itself is fine.

how do i replace my catalytic converter? how much does it cost?

I just want to check the transmission fluid but can't seem to find a dipstick or container for it anywhere under the hood