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what is the oily water type substance leaking from passenger side of my cabrio. large puddle then stopped
I have a vw golf cabrio v reg and this last year I have noticed an intermittent fault where the car suddenly loses power. It slows down and the dash lights come on to show stalled. It happens on and off but more when petrol tank down to quarter full. I have had a mechanic use diagnostic and the results were

01243 intake manifold valve short circuit

01249 inj 1 short circuit
01250 inj 2 short circuit
01251 inj 3 short circuit
01252 inj 4 short circuit

00635 o2 sensor heater circuit short circuit with ground intermittent.

since then ive had new cat and lamda sensor and took to jct 600 volkswagen who gave me a print out of faults but could not link my problem to any of them..those results in red were...

servo pipe split
Coil pack earth lead broken
dizzy cap rotor arm
spark plugs and ht leads.

since then I was advised by another mechanic it could be ecu..but when trying to replace this part I was told it does not exist for my make and model..apparantly my car is a mark 3.5?
can anyone shed more light on this please. Im from west yorkshire area thanks...
specifically the location of fuse for convertible roof motor
I replaced the air mass, coolant sensor coil, wires .Car will start and run sometimes. I seem to have an erratic weak spark. What else besides the coil will cause this thanks tom
Can excelerate after a complete stop?
I replaced air mass, coil, wires, coolant sensor. wont always start. disconnect the battery and it starts and runs fine for a day
the things that need to be fix are the time belt, air flow sensor, coolant sensor and flange and cap and rotor. Is it worth getting these repairs done?
Replaced wires,plugs,cap and rotor
IGet 16.4 mpg from 24mpg
I am afraid to drive the car. How can I get this cheaply fix?
air and rain enters the passenger side window.
the car was sold as is it drove ok not going over 35 mph. The new owners drove it away going faster and farther and the car broke down on them, saying it was smoking and spewing. They demanded their money back and now my car doesnt move. What happened.
I think that it could possibly have something to do with a part in the shift. Could it be caused by a faulty electro magnet? If not what could it be. When the key is turned no sound is made. I have removed the shift cover assembly and have been able to start it by fiddling with the electro magnet but it does not start up 100% by doing this. I only wish you guys would be local to me. Thanks for any/all suggestions.
I put oil in and the light stopped for two blocks and started again. It seems I am leaking bad! Can it be fixed or is it a costly problem?
I accidently left the AMF switch disconnected after making another repair. the car ran for several days without issue and then died and would not restart
I just bought this used car. As I was driving it jumps into neutral ( maybe hit a bump), did this 3 times within an hour.. but it tends to not want to go into park or while in neutral I can still push gas pedal and it goes. I want to know IF this is the problem. A man looked at it and said the cable was stretched a bit.
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