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I am working a 2001 V.W. Cabrio and we stuck a new battery in but now it is not starting when I turn the Key. At first I thought it was just the battery but now I'm wondering if it is also the starter, spark plug, distributor cap or the Key ignition or if it could also be a cross wiring of the spark plug wires. Has any one ever had this kind of problem that can help me on this if so please let me know what u found out from your experiences?
She was just driving along and it backfired. This is the first time it has happened
I called VW they tell me best case scenerio would be the fuel sending unit..worst would be a whole fuel pump assembly... This just happened last nite...I even thought
I was crazy so put more gas in....shut car off and waited
then turned it back on....still reading empty.
I have a 96 Cabrio it is a standard. When you turn the key the headlights work but wont turn over. I have checked the terminals, the starter, and I am checking all of the relays but nothing seems to be the problem. I would love it if there is anything you can think of that may help. Thank you for you time.
need to know how to set timing on a 2000vwcabrio--2.0 picture of gears and how to line them up would be helpful thanks, e-mail
the car starts and runs but the engine shakes... it does have some power especially when im driving 40 and over... but the start acceleration is slow at first
Took car to transmission place and a
Was accessed to need a valve body. What is the estimate to do the repairs? Does this access meant seem conclusive.? Thank you. The hesitating and noticeable gear shifting difficulty now happens daily as opposed to occasionally.
When it.rains, the window seals leak. Its bad and drips bad. Please help
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