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Okay, so i've had my car for about two years now, I have 180,000 miles on it. Recently when i've been driving it, it will not go into fourth gear at all. It sucks because I have to drive like 45 mph! When I also start out from park it seems like it kind of slips and doesn't move as quick as it should for how hard I hit the gas pedal. I want to find out if its an easy fix or a major problem? If anyone knows, i'd like to know what I can do to possibly fix the issue?

was on cruise at 70 at less than 3000 RPMs, cruise kicked out and wont reset and now car struggles to go 70

Was crusing at 70 with cruise on 2400 RPMs; cruise cut out and now car struggles past 60

My Cabrio makes the alert sound - Beep,boop,beep - Beep,boop,beep - It Sounds like La Cucaracha when you first put in the key to start it.

This morning it didn't stop.
It keeps beeping and booping but sounds like it's under water. It's annoying to say the least

A dog ran in front of my car tonight and I hit it. I went to turn around and my 99 cabrio stalled when backing into traffic and then wouldn't start. It turns over fine but acts like its not getting gas? Is their a fuel switch or something

Why would my 95 VW Cabrio stall after refuling? The last two times I refueled (the car was near empty) the car started and ran 200 - 300 yards before it stalled. This has happened in the past before and if I let the car sit for several hours it started up and ran fine. This time as I tried to get it to run the check engine light came on and the exhaust had a strange / bad smell. I let the car sit over night and it started and ran fine and the check engine light went out. Any ideas why this might be happening?

2001 Cabrio

I get a wiggling feeling when I apply the brakes, does that mean the pads are gone on the brakes?

i replaced the fuel regulator.

what is the engine oil compasity

my mechanic can not figure out why the front parking lights do not work and i can't get it inspected unless they do, I have been told that there is just side parking lights not front ones is that true,?

It continues to run for a couple of minutes each time. I just replaced my battery a few weeks ago - got into my car today to start it and nothing :-( Lights, radio, wipers, windows work fine. No clicking no nothing :-( So I'm wondering if this motor could be causing the battery to drain?

can i replace it my self

ABS light is on. ABS does not engage during sudden stops

Just bought the car and know little about it. This car seems to have 2 engine coolant sensors and I believe the upper is a coolant temp sending unit but cannot find the part on line does it have a different name? Car seems to run ok.

It is real noticable when going up an incline

About a month ago, window wouldnt roll up . Replaced fuse and was on my way. Today it wouldnt roll up , i replaced every fuse and still nothing. The dealers here are crooks and I dont have a lot of money but theres a big storm coming and need help.

if any one can help thank u

the battery is good, oil light and engine light comes on, checked oil and it was good

I have drilled 2 holes in the cylinder housing but still cannot find where to push down to release the cylinder lock i also need to replace the ignition switch and have take all bolts loose to remove steering column, but there is a cable attached to cylinder housing that won't allow me to remove steering column. Please Help!!!!!1

Its an automatic transmission. this seems to happen when I drive at a speed from 35 to 40 to 50.
Whats causing this?

thinking of buying this car, it has low miles but am skepticle of the miles because the speedometer amd tach dont work

timming specification on 2001 vw cabrio 2.0? PLEASE HELP

rebuilt the front calipers after RF caliper siezed up....drove it a bit 2- 3 hours...and it siezed again...

Two part clips with a white base which plugs into door frams, and a black "L" shape clip which perimeter panel screws plug in to. Can't identify or source through VW parts. Any help would be appreciated!

Two mufflers, tailpipe and other piping, plus labor, has been estimated at @ $1,000.00 at a national chain. Is this about right?

Could it be fuse 409? it looked black on the 2 big prongs. I am a total amateur

P0116, P1296, P0102, P1128.
Diagnosed this morning and the Last 2 came up in addition to the first 2 which are regulars.
Changed my MAF and ECT Sensors recently.

I need to know about the factor alarm fuse or relay location any ideas?

whats happening is it's killing my starter and/or my fuel pump and i don't have the diagram for the fuses

how do i put antifreeze in my car 98 vw cabriot i know where it goes but i cant figure out how to put more in