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after starting the car the break light does not go off and the heat doesn't turn on and the lights wont stay on why does this happen in the cold?
When I turn key nothing doesn't even try to start. battery ok lights ok.
Thinking about buying this car but the one we looked at had the back seat drivers side window down about an inch. Did not see where we could get the window to come up. Any advice would be appreciated.
just purchase car 2 weeks ago .did not check to see if the doors would lock thank,s
factory alarm will not shut off
My 2002 Volkswagen Cabrio will not start, but will crank. It was running perfectly normal all day. I have been driving it back and forth between class and home all day, and no problems. However, when I went to start my car tonight it would not start, but only crank. The engine is getting fuel. We checked all the fuses, fluids, warning lights ect. We still can't figure out why it will not start. If someone could give me some tips or help that would be great.
Continues if relay is removed
i tried to change the O2 sensor but not working fine. and i found that the sensor cable not connected and some wire not connected. so that i need your help to check this cable and how can check if this cable connected well or not.

Tanks for your help
I checked the master switch wasn't that...this 2002 Volkswagen Cabrio GLXis circuit breaker protectedbut the circuit breakers are good...I purchased an all data subscription online wasn't much help I basically need a picture of a 2002 Volkswagen Cabrio fuse box...So I can make sure the fuses and relays are in the right place Its tkind of hard to believe all three windows would go out at the same time..Need help wife's car I want her to get her car back on the road.
thank you...p.s I can't find the picture of a cabrio 2002 fuse box anywhere.
I was messing with fuses and relays try to find which one was out turned out to be my fuel pump relay...At this time the car would not start!
so I could put the fuse box backward goes up on those two hooks.
I go to start the car and the battery is dead because it's been sitting too long.
I replace the battery the car starts up and runs perfectly but my driver and back windows will not go up.
if there is a relay for this car for the driver and back windows I must have unplugged it I'm not smart enough to figure out where its located I have looked for days please help!!!!
I know it sounds strange but if I go some where it doesn't see to matter how far.When I shut the engine off to go inside I am locked in the car and can't get out unless I roll the windows down and crawl out.It will also lock me out untill some point when it decides to unlock.
added coolant and oil as a precaution, however the light did not go off. the car just turned over the 100,000 mile mark. have noticed that my gas mileage has really gone down in recent weeks. ideas as to what's going on, how to fix, and estimated cost?
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