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driving when car quits will not start not getting any spark
crank it could it have something to do with key or something else it runs fine other than that
Turned the engine on and the "check engine" light is on now. It's sometimes missing when i start from a stop. Do you suggest driving at a high speed to reset the engine light? Also how do you know if you need transmission fluid?
driving down the road car quits run ning. now will not start
Previous owner may have been in passenger-side accident, but there's no external damage around the passenger side door.
My car has recently thrown the P0441 code. We have recently replaced (within the past year) the fuel assembly unit, fuel cap, and the purge valve solenoid. My car is still idling rough/hiccuping. We are thinking about replacing the hoses, or the carbon canister, but I do not want to spend all the money and it not fix the problem. Is it possible to replace the carbon canister by yourself, without taking it to the mechanic? Are there any other ideas for what to check? I need to have it fixed by the end of the month in order to get my car inspected. My car has about 158,000 miles.
Seems this car is going to be alot of teouble. Just bought it for my daughter o take to college and I may have bought a money pit!Any suggestions on anything ro do to these cars to het best results for driving
my car was bought used, ad i noticed it didnt have a stock ignition. it was fine until we had to replace one of the headlights, then the battery problems started. during the day when left sitting it is fine, but if it sits over night the battery drains completely. also if you try to start it when its dead, the alarm (i never engaged the alarm) goes off and locks you car.
when cold starting car acts normal. It will drive normal till it starts to warm up and then loses power and stutters to where I have to down shift (manual trans) and not try to go over 60 mph! After temp get to 220f it seem to settle down a bit but is still sluggish. Replaced plugs, wires, cap, rotor, distributor. replaced vacuum hose(1/4 in) from air box to intake. Flushed radiator and added new coolant. Checked cat for flow, that was good. try to hook up diagnostic and no codes but the tach and speedo only work when it is cold. Once it warms up and I try to start it, the speedo is dead and the tach jiggles at 0 and will not respond.
Windows operate by the switch in the door key lock but the individual widow switches won't operate the windows. Also, the roof won't operate. Am having a hell of a time locating fuese, relays etc. to check/change.
Power comes on but has no starting power
I used only water until I could buy coolent. Did this possibly cause more damage? I like in Florida where it is very hot. And hoses are old indeed. He much will it cost to purchase ALL new coolant hoses as well a a new Coolant Well ( ball shape) The light on my dash detailing it WAS indeed a coolant problem. So I put water in it. But I continued to drive on it after the light went off on the dash after putting in water. I then purchased coolant. And now it all runs out and leaks only when I'm driving. Yesterday, it just showed the engine getting hot for the first time, so I pulled over. Let it cool down. Put water in it and drove 12 miles home immediately.
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