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I recently ran up on a curb I didn't see in a parking lot going probably 5 mph. Appeared to just have scraped the underside of the car but now I am hearing a random pop noise when I'm driving but more consistently when i initially put my car in reverse. Feels like its running fine but I'm worried there is damage. Any ideas on what that could be and how much it might costs to fit?
Please let me know if you can help me
replaced fuel pump/filter is good 'fuel gets to regulator. replaced battery 'tyurns over strong but wont fire off...HELP PLEASE
drove it 2 days ago and it was fine.
What is causing overheating every time we drive it
How often?
When it sit for too long the gear hesitate
now engine won't respond to full throttle
How much does it cost, and where can I have it done.
Been replaced still leaks same spot what else can b wrong
Been replaced 3 times keeps leaking same spot everytime what can it be
Both back floorboard hare wet where could it be coming from.
Neither turning signal works.
Could it be because of accident? Was working fine before. Insurance company fighting fixing it.
It just started and it was starting to over heat when i parked it
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