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This is a 5-speed manual.

You cannot see out of the rearview mirror with the top down because it does not lay flat on the vehicle and it buzzes and beeps when you're driving with the top down

but as soon as you hit the gas it will die what would be the cause of that?

My beetle - the 3rd cylinder is misfiring

2001 Beetle 1.8 turbo, would not start one morning. It will crank but not fire. Replaced fuel pump relay, replaced fuel pump, and fuel pressure regulator. I have fuel to the fuel rail, have spark. I can get it to fire if I use starting fluid. Runs till starter fluid is gone. I am lost as to what to try next. Has all the components for a motor to run. What am I missing?? no codes are present.

I bought a new car for the winter cause the bug is not good in the snow it sat and when we went to move it and I was totally blown away it was full of mold I have twins that have lung problems and now can not be in this car I love my car but am pissed that this has happen. I called my insurance company and they wanted to give me 1.75 for my car I told them they were freeken crazy I want this problem resolved and I am now looking to replace all the seats and carpets which I can not afford to do please help

Is there a seal leak somewhere that is allowing moisture inside? I also noticed a puddle of water on the left passenger back side (actually large) after a heavy rain, all windows closed, sun roof closed, I had to use a shop vac but felt water in between the frame and the carpet. (I need to remove the back seats and remove the carpet to clean it up)
My gas door never has closed and I am wondering if water can leak though there? It is on the same side.

Changed battery on 2004 Volswagen beetle now while driving if you come to a complete stop
You have to manually gear down to pull out. It doesn't let you move in

Most start car every day. If it sits 2 days the car will be dead. What could be draining the battery?

When i start my car and drive it for a awhile and turn it off at nite i have to jump it off before it'll start.

When I start the car I hear a grinding at the rear spoiler like gears are not going together, but it stays in open position. I cannot find switch in car! Help!

My check engine light has been on for awhile now, and we can't figure out why. It's also had trouble in the past starting after being filled up at the gas station. Recently, this took a dangerous turn when my car completely turned off (battery indicator flashing and all) while I was pulling out of the gas station. Thankfully, there was no traffic at the time, but I hate to think of what could happen next time. We just replaced the battery, so I know that's not the issue. And just the other day, the brake signal flashed and beeped once (just enough to alarm me), then turned off and hasn't turned on since. I have had no issues with my brakes, but my car issues are becoming more alarming than annoying.

when driving the windows go down and will not stay up even when parked in the garage. The turn signals flash when car is parked

Windows will not stay up, they go up and down and signals flash off and on while driving and when parked in garage

Windows will not stay up, they go up and down and signals flash off and on while driving Any ideas as to what is wrong would be appreciated

Windows will not stay up, they go up and down and signals flash off and on while driving Any ideas as to what is wrong would be appreciated

Replaced due to damage to the fan blades on one of the fans. Should I replace the entire cooling fans assembly or only the actual damages parts?

The wistle stops and the light goes off. What is that ?