Volkswagen Beetle Questions

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It has no lights on the inside replaced fuses what else could be wrong
running lights work, at night lights will only work when i pull dimmer switch to me
Jerk when it is put in reverse but it wont go backwards an when i drive forward it jerks in slow speed an wont change gears.
The roof does not operate. I am unsure if I need a new hydraulic pump or have do I need
Emissions on a vw 2003 bettle
start car and idles about 45 seconds and shut off. will not immediately restart. if you wait about an hour, it will restart and do the same thing. it just started it today and car has been running fine. it has turbo.
my beetle keeps clicking like its releasing the trunk lid over and over. Figuring its the fuse but i don't know what fuse it is
no one wants to touch this car . why ?
the last place replaced the oil plug? can you please tell me if u do know of a shop in tucson,Az
It doesn't feel like it's switching into the higher gears.
wont go into 3rd (mechanic special )
I want to replace the engie
Can I fix it or do I need mechanic? How much is the part? Also how much would a dealer charge to fix it ?
Does not work at all!
Ok I'm having trouble putting my car in any gear. It started when I was driving and I went to shift gear and the gear stick came straight up. So I tighten it back up and the next time I went to drive the car it went to first and second I went to down sift and it whould not go to any gear . I finally got it to first and that's it no outher gear so please can you help me . I have called and ask everyone and no answer please help me
There's a leak near the coolant
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