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and it just keeps on cranking and wont start but I left it for a couple days and it started for like 5 mins then died again what might be the problem
Was driving car and just died a stop sign got a new batt have lights but won't even crank over to Start at all
Is fly wheel and release bearing replaced when clutch is replaced??
had some work done on transmission and now none of the gauges work.
I'm tired of this whole window crap and the rest of my issues with my vw beetle.. So, just now I went to the BBB and filed a report saying it should be in the Lemon Law catagory. It was easy, they ask you a bunch of questions and you answer. At the end they ask what you would like to get for your complaint. I said there were 8 things wrong with my car and I just want VW dealer to fix these issues... The end. I hope everybody that feels like not spending much needed money on this stuff will follow me and hopefull if enough people report this, we might just have a prayer... Good luck.... We can complain all day long, but now I want my car the way it suppose to be....
Mine is a 98 and the windows just fall into the door, so then you gotta take the door panel off and fix the little motor or whatever is broken.. You can literally pull the dash cover that goes over the speedometer off with your hands. I love the car (I guess I should say motor but I was told the body was built in Mexico and the thing is just falling apart... So, will VW back these problems? Oh ya and when you pull the gas lever to lift the cover, it won't come up.. I have to put a pack of matches in the cover and wedge it so it will lift. SO, is there a LEMON LAW on this car?? Please help... Thanks a lot in advance
where I can order one. I have been looking for hours on line and no success
it's as if the near side wheel is coming off that's twice in two day's
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