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I had trouble with it starting from the cold, figured it was the glow plugs. Also had lost power while on a hill on the hwy the day before
Some parts that could cause this problem
want stay running
Want stay running
My mechanic says it is not the bulbs. It is somewhere in the harness. Replacing the whole assembly for both is 1000.00

There has to be a less expensive way to deal with poor design. Any suggestions?
Have a 2000 vw beetle. Had front and rear brakes done at a small garage and ever since then I have blown through THREE brake light switches! They last anywhere from a week to a couple months....then suddenly car won't start, EPC light comes I dash. I change the switch under brake pedal and it starts right there a fuse I should check? Why are they failing so fast?
i turn the car on and it takes about 5 to 6 times turning the key to start then turns off as soon as i press on the gas
it used to crank when it cool off and something is killing the battery now it won't crank at all
Replace the alternator
stopped and turn car of for about 10 mins. Tried to start and nothing. Won't crank, won't jump start, lights work, horn works, but windows are down and won't go up, radio won't work and keyless entry won't work either, can hear a "hum" when key is turned (not a click). When battery cables are hooked up there is plenty of juice but engine don't turn over. We drift started it to get it home (pushed and popped clutch) but turned key off and its dead again. HELP
The car lurches when start from a stop.
Service dept. said it is not defective and someone in our family is driving it incorrectly or badly. Can this really happen? My son drives 5 miles to school every day and that is it. It is not driven at night or weekends. We drive with him periodically and he is a very good driver with a clutch. We paid $1400 for first time around and now have to pay for a new clutch again with a car that is probably worth $2,000. Any advice? They just took it apart and sending me pictures. It is not defective so it is not under warranty. Thanks, Jane
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