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I have been quote $800 to replace a/c compressor. Is this a good price? I check fuses, could ther be another cause for "no cool". Thanks

NO cool air out of A/C at all. Got estimate for $1,000 to replace evaporator core, expansion valve and dryer with a flush to clean system. Is this excessive?

Had a rear end collision in 2002 New Beetle. The shocks in the rear bumper did deploy, contracted to absorb the hit, then returned to original position. Have seen that the bumper shocks must be replaced after collision. They are only good for one incident. Insurance Adjustor does not seem to know this. Any comments? Ideas?

car started off by needing rear brake pads,so decided to do front aswell. pedal was nice and firm before replacing all pads. all pistons went back in easily but for some reason, now has very spongy pedal and goes to the floor. removed all pads and seems that front pads arent grabbing rotors like if the pistons were stuck? removed pads and they come out fine, bled ft brakes and still nothing,master cylinder?

where is oil pressure sending unit located

When we start the car in you hear the turbo whine and then after a minute it stops. It also kicks in during the drive without even asking for it (accelerating).

check engine light is on....missing at idle...plug pc into it and it won't do nothing....please have changed plugs and mass airflow already...

where is pcm located

the air-bag warning indicator light is 90% on; what would be causing this problem?

the seatbelt indicator light is 90% on, and won't shut off; what would the problem be?

My airbag light indicator is always on. What's wrong with it?

When I first got car left signal flashed rapisly. Now both signals do it. Help

I just had my waterpump, thermostat & timing belt replaced at 62,500. I only had the car for exactly 1 week. Is there any way the previous owner could have known this was an issue prior to me buying the car? Also, since it was fixed my temperature light is now blue when I start the car for the first time in the day. It stays on for a few minutes and then goes away. It did not do this when I first got the car but it did after I had it repaired. Is there an issue?

Happens all the time while driving.

what does it mean with the blue coolent light comes on the dashboard?

Does the volkswagon beetle have a timing belt and what miles does it have to get changed at?

the alarm started sounding every time i try to start the car i didnt get the remote with it how do i turn the alarm off

Does the windows on a 2001 vw beetle go all the way down or just halve way.


driver side power window very slow to close

How to replace the crankshaft position sensor? I can't seem to find a diagram online.

replace timingbelt & waterpump&thermostat

Bought a 2006 Volkswagen July 9th,2010. About a week after purchasing the vehicle the exhaust malfunction light came on. We took it to a service person and we replaced some part under the hood which any person could have replaced. HOweve the exhaust light came on after replacing that. Then, we took the car to a place that had a certified volkswagen service person who said the part could have been defective so we replaced it again. The light came on again. We took the vehicle to the certified service person 3 times afterwards and he could not find out what the problem was. We finally took the vehicle to a dealership in Va. and $1400.00 latter we got a new valve cover plus some other repairs. Four days latter and the light come on again. I am frustrated and don't know who to trust or believe. I thought dealerships had all the equipment to perform the test to determine what the problem is. The Volkswagen owner's manual is very vague and really offers no information but to take it to a dealer. Give me a break. I can't keep putting money into this used car. I could have bought a new car. Please any advise or information you can offer will be so much appreciated.

just bought the 2003 Vw beettle and love it, however we have a buzzer that comes on now and then not all the time, but no light indicators on. Then when we turn the lights on it becomes a constant buzz. Will go off and then come back on

how much is it to get a complete new ac system

the only prblm is trying to figure out how to change the passenger headlight could you please send me directons on how to do so thank you

the hazzards and the turn signals are not working at all. was told it probably is the relay i cannot find where the relay is located. was told behind the radio or the hazzard flasher button

/30/11- Driving home, on a highway over 40 mph, car was erratic as driving on ice, FRIGHTENING, would not stay in the lane, especially after hitting bumps. it was ok, as long as no bumps, I noticed yesterday, when I turned a sharp left, the car squealed, and the steering wheel kept going, did not return, was hard to return. 2002 new beetle with 147K miles, just replaced wheel bearings.

Used 2000 vw bug with 40,0000 miles for sale but it needs a new water pump and water is coming from the passangers bottom side of the car. Should I buy? What will it coast to fix this problem?

the motor starts up but immediately stalls????