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It is a Beetle.

replace sender in the fuel tank.I got fuel coming out fuel filter. But cant get the fuel to come out of the fuel pump injector

about 6 motnhs ago i had a re con gear box fitted, recently i went to drive my car to a petrol garsge when i realised that my car wouldnt actually go anywere in certain gears , i had someone put a bolt on the engine mount or dog mount and it has given me back 1 to 5th gear but when it is put in reverse it is almost like its in 1st and goes forward the man also said that my engine has actually been pushed upwards, and everything seems really stressed i havent had a crash or didnt hear any noises when this happened just stalled the car it seems a bit of a mystery to be honest what can i do?

My clutch was replaced and it will go into all gears except 5th. As for the malfuncton light, it was on prior to fixing the clutch and afterwards it didn't come on. But it came on suddenly when i put the AC on? I don't know if that was a coincidence or maybe it loosened a plug?

What would/should my costs be, parts and labor to complete this repair.

i took the valve cover off and the #1 cylinder exhaust valve lifter is broken it messed up the cam shaft also

the gear shifter seems loose and not wanting to change properly into 5th and 6th gear. no noise with transmission

Beetle. What's the cost if the motor must be replaced?

I have 31,000 miles on it now. The dealer changed the filter at 20,000 and 31,000. Is this too often? Costs $150 each time.

Had my oil changed no problem then noticed oil spots on my drive way. I have been told it is a seal. Is that a big deal to fix and is it expensive. I love my bug. it has almost 200,000 miles on it and has been the best car ever.

sporadic problem misses under power changed fuel filter twice no help any suggestions

I just bought a 2002 New Beetle TDI. So new to me that its still on its way to my house via my boyfriend driving it. He is really good at fixing car problems once we know what the exact problem is. What I know is that according to the dealer that we bought the car from he had the transmission replaced but was still getting the code P0740. From what I have been able to find out this sounds like it is the ASV Stolenoid. Does this sound right. At lower speeds it shifts ok, not the greatest, but once it hits 4th it really has a hard time shifting. Is it ok to drive for another 430 miles until he gets it home to work on it or should we hire someone on the way to try and fix the problem. Also could it be related to relay 109 which I know can cause several errors and may be triggering this one. Any advice and help would be great in this matter. Thanks to all who are able to answer my question.

Trying to change the thermostat, book says it is on the bottom at the end of the lower radiator hose. Doesn't sound correct. Please advise.

Hello, I'm thinking about replacing the injector nozzles in my 03 Beetle TDI. I already chipped it with RC stage 1. My question to the experts would be: What kind of nozzles should I go with (I'm trying to avoid excessive smoke) 184, 205 or 216?


Checked all fuses, replaced battery and starter.

I have a '98 VW Beetle TDI manual that is making a loud knocking noise. The noise seems to get louder with acceleration. When I shift gears and the engine winds down the noise continues. I did an oil change on the car and found metal shavings in the oil pan. Someone told me that I would need to replace the motor. Is it possible to repair the problem and not have to get a new motor? Any suggestions would be GREATLY appreciated.

on the driver side only the electric window control for both passenger and drivers sides as well as electric door lock with remote control on drivers side and indoor light dome automatically going on and trunk latch are not working, drivers side only.

I have always loved Beetles and after my car was totally I fell for a TDI 2006. How reliable us this car? I prefer keeping cars for as long as I can (last car I had 7 years and the one before also 7).
Thank you!

Brand of Header's that fit my 2006 Volkswagon Beetle 1.9L @ 4 Cylinder Turbo TDI Disesel Engine

What Oil Weight ? ?
How Often should the Engine Oil be Changed

is it totally unheard of to have your transmission fluid be so bad that they recommend cleaning and replacing fluid/filter then driving some then doing it a second time? the volkswagen dealer quoted me ABOUT 400. the independent shop that has my car said it would be 550 for two flushes and the diagnosis (essentially 445 for two flushes).

how do you remove the drivers side headlight assembly?

do most shops replace all of the needed components when changing the timing belt: water pump, tensioners, etc.... is $1000 too much or is that a good price given it's a time consuming job? do most shops purchase the kits?

Engine oil pressure light comes on when exceeding 1500 rpms. Can anyone tell me what is probably causing this.Thanks

how hard is it to change spark plugs.

The underskirt of my right tire came off from street debris upon a right turn and need to have it replaced as the skit came off completely right side that is.

found a puddle of light wt oil under the car. it is not engine oil. the car has over 200,000 miles on it. what could it be?

Where is the cabin air filter and how do you change it?

the motor will zew over, but not crank, there are no leaks in fuel or oil, everthing else seems to work, it just won't crank.????

1.9l the beetle will not go more then 55mph