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no overdrive
My 02 TDI New Beetle automatic has 67000 miles on it is driven less than 3000 miles per year. The only major repair was for a fuel injection pump failure. (Not an inexpensive proposition.) Otherwise all has been great and rarely to I get less than 30 mpg in town driving.
we damaged one of the oilers that shoot oil to the lower part of the cylinders and haven't been able to locate them at dealer, any suggestions. thank you
Let beetle idle to warm up for 20 minutes, shut it off and when I started it back up 30 minutes later engine light was on. Took it by to see what code was showing and it said 8121. Is this the thermostat or water pump needing replaced or coolant sensor?
2003 VW Beetle, auto trans, regular gas, 131,000 miles on it. Just bought it last week.
239,000 miles, had new cylinder head, rod brgs, pistons, rings replaced. due to broken exhaust valve. have replaced timing belt every 100k as suggested.
Car has 283,000 and runs strong. Did the timing belt and new water pump about 7,000 miles ago. What could be causing this problem with the code showing up at random times and only showing 30 degrees when it's hot? It's the OEM green square connector coolant temp sensor that I installed and didn't cure my problem. Detail help would be greatly appreciated.
how important is the belly pan, and how expensive is it to replace. it has actually torn in two places. no fixing this one.
I was only doing 40mph and the belt didn't break. the engine will turn over but the time belt wont turn. How screwed am I? I love my car. i guess its bad. What are some options and prices? Took it to dealership and was told not to bother then was told they were lying to get me to sell it to them. HELP!!!
I do not want to remove the skid plate
Where is the fan located and what do I check?
Some screws have pulled through, some are missing and pan has to be removed to drain oil so why not just leave the thing off?
Just turns over and tries to start but won't.
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