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Fast speed right turn signal, bulbs replaced but still going fast. Just noticed today.
thinking about getting a volkswagen beetle from a friend that has 215132 mile on it.A lot of miles but for 1000.00 is it worth it?Great shape.
car want start, tension pulley broke
Don't seem to have power to fuel pump. While being turned over, there is no fuel coming out of the pump and I have no power to the pigtail at the pump. With it being a two wire plug, is it strictly for the fuel level sending unit?
Obd2 connector does not work at all.
When you throttle the engine and let out the clutch it stumbles and is showing an exhaust code but I'm finding a problem fiscally.
Hooked it up to a charger at home for a couple hours and is trying to start but just wont quite get there.. It is at least turning over pretty hard now but will not start.. Any suggestions??
Past 2 mornings temp was upper 30's car would not crank enough to start - jump started ran the rest of the day ok, had to be jumped again the next day.

Car was taken to a repair shop for an oil change. the drain plug was not properly installed and the oil leaked out. Car was driven for 10 miles before engine shut off. Engine still runs but extreme lack of power.
I have a 2002 Volkswagen TDI. I left it idling with the air conditioner on went into the store, when I came back out the vehicle was dead, when I turned key on all the lights on the instrument panel were flashing, and the battery was dead, so I got a jump drove directly to NAPA auto parts, pulled battery out and checked it on their machine. Checked it out it was low so they charged it for one hour, put the battery back in, and it started up, drove it home but by the time I got home all of the instrument lights were flashing. I put my tester on And that diagnostic code came up with PO 228 and P1146 and PO 402. SO I took the car to another Guy, and he said that the battery was bad, so they gave me a new one, the car ran great tell the battery went dead again. So I got a drain from somewhere maybe you can help. Thanks Johnny
first diesel and turbo owned no clue
EGR is clean, intake manifold cleaned, N18 has good vacuum, check valve replaced,

the problem, when pressing the gas pedal in park, and in idle or when in drive and idling when gas pedal pressed for a moment there is like a thunk sound. Same when the a/c button is pushed down to turn on the ac. Always happens.
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