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I am on a limited budget and can't afford and site that even costs me a dollar
Our front seat in our Eos 2007 is not moving forward?Help
How long have you had this problem? Few weeks
i had transmission problem and i changed the seal,pump and oil after then i noticed it drags when i shift the gear to drive sometimes i need to push it before it move and shifts normal when it change to other gears. also i notice after the service the manual shifting stop working and when the gear get hot its makes iron sound on shifting to drive.
please how do i solve this issue.
How long have you had this problem? weeks
Shakes at 40 mph evens out at 60mph then is really bad at slow down
How long have you had this problem? Since my son in law changed wheel bearing
Wobble when you turn, slow, accelerate, at 10mph at 55mph! its just a wobble shimmying MESS!! Its MUCH MUCH worse when you press the breaks so i know its Break pads & Rotors. But my question is why when its just driving down the road what more can it be? its worse going down a hill... ive put it in 4 diffrernt shops even a volkswagen specialist they told me it was just shocks but couldnt gurntee me itd fix the wobble just for $2300 (no big deal..) I walked. no thanks. another said the motor mount. another just the rotors. at this point I think its just the WHOLE FRONT END :( it started in 2012 and I just paid it off last week and its WORSE THEN EVER almost seems not drivable or safe.. what could this be...
What seems to make the problem better or worse? Break/Downhill
How long have you had this problem? 3 Years
it's not the fuse(s)
Location and how to replace air fikter
The gearbox when I put in 5th gear and leave the pedal there's a rattling noise from the gearbox even when I clutch the noise goes off and when I leave the clutch the rattle noise comes back
engine light on code reads transmission control module
Found that the upper timing chain cover was leaking oil that caused water pump to start leaking on a 09 VW CC how much would it cost to get that repaired?
Gears shift without a problem until engine temperature gets to 90. Then gear shifts become unpredictable and violent.
2009 EOS Manual 2.0 Turbo . . .very bad Burning smell . . . Eww
Was Sitting in bumper to bumper traffic … smelled foul (plastic-?-(worse, tho) burning)
Due to location, many other vehicles and that i had recently bought this car---I didn't realize was (probably) my car TIL next morning wen driving, car, shifting gear, but it would not accelerate… had to have tow!
*what* smelled so bad?

HAD vehicle less than 60 days wen happened. Still in shop, gonna fight VW over this–is more to story, but lengthy–
—Consumer Protection Act—
any comments?
Paid mechanic over a $1000 to replace air sensor and very little other things because my check engine light won't stay off. I'm at my wits end and it's costing me more to try to get the check engine light to stay off then I played for car. Any suggestions?
Very tight quarters.....what to you come through the wheel well ? I'm stumped.


Is there a switch I can buy
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