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It was running fine about 8 months ago when I parked it. When I decided to start it up a couple of weeks ago it had no power so I got the battery replaced and now it cranks but won't turn over. it also has a news starter that I replace about a month before I PARKED IT.
When u put the car in drive it acts like it doesnt want to go once u get up to 20mph it works fine
This happens each time I try to start. The engine turns over normally and battery is good. This problem has been with the the car since I bought it about 5 years ago. It just seems to have to crank several times before it starts (hold the key in start position for approx 5 to 7 seconds). When you turn the car off after a journey and then start it straight away again, the same problem persists. After it starts the car runs fine with plenty of power and no other problems. Timing belt was replaced which had no effect on the problem
the radio will not turn on
my tires are locked and I have a green light appear -what can I do ? I cannot drive?
have two tcm doesn't make any difference. Where is the speed sensor and would that make a difference.
Problem began suddenly with no warning.
check engine light is on, also blue coolant light until car warms. sensor has been changed several times over past 3 years, Whats the problem ?
2nd air injection fuse number??
If I remove brake pads and rotors from my '02 outback, would they be able to get
happens just about every time I take it out, but it starts right up again
What can be the reason that courses vibration on my car while driving on a traffic between 0-10km/h, and reduces the speed while driving on a slope?
It's leaking above the oil pan can't really see where it's coming from.
This description fits our VW Eurovan 1999. Did this person ever get their's repaired?
Visitor in El Granada, CA on April 14, 2011
Problem originally just happened when we drove up the hill we live on with a full car. A knocking noise would occur and then stop when you let up on the gas. Problem then started to happen at different times in different driving conditions. Most recently the noise would happen when I am on the freeway at speed and the knock would start slowly and then build up to almost constantly. I just had the water pump changed, thought it was that, but problem continues with new water pump.
This problem happens when it wants to like I started the car at 12 today went to start it at 1400 it wouldn't start . Turns over but just doesn't start
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