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Stopped to get fuel, shut car off & when I tried to start the car back up it turned over real slow making a clunking noise in engine-drive train? repeated to try & start twice & on the third time vehicle started like normal, & that"s when the car would not go into to overdrive
changed ignition coils and cam sensor. code po016. i am thinking timing chain loose. Any ideas?
At a stop sign taking off my transmission made a clunk and I had to coast off a road. Car is stranded and won't go into any gear. Any ideas what could of happened? Have never had s problem before.
Had 100k service done. Wondering if putting more money in is going to be possible at this point.
How do you fix the problem?
I bought a new car for the winter cause the bug is not good in the snow it sat and when we went to move it and I was totally blown away it was full of mold I have twins that have lung problems and now can not be in this car I love my car but am pissed that this has happen. I called my insurance company and they wanted to give me 1.75 for my car I told them they were freeken crazy I want this problem resolved and I am now looking to replace all the seats and carpets which I can not afford to do please help
The sound in my speakers have a noise that something is has fallen and cause a buzzing sound. In addition the bass goes in and out. How would the est. cost to fix and what would I need to replace the speaker?
The car have no power you can turn it on but have no power to drive
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