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Mileage of tow 30 miles brakes squeal.

Interior got wet. Was driving when dome light came on. Turned em off.continued to destination.came back out and running lights and tail lights were on.(had turned lights off)key fob didn't work. Power windows didn't work. The engine would not attempt to start. The battery is good. I think something shorted out. I need help.

I have replaced the MAP sensor, It initially had a leaking pipe which i replaced too but the car error wont go.

Before replacing the leaking tube, it had issues like jacking and hard start which seems not to be there now but the error is very persistent. Any advice?

The epc light come on

My car died and it will not start any idea what it could be

Replaced glow plugs speed sensor carbon flap and wire harness plus 5 wires. 2 different trips..still happening when it rains. Something is getting wet and app dealrshp cant find problem. I NEED HELP BADLY !!!Glow plug and oil light will come on and car dies. Runs perfect when dry weather

No other code coming up, Anybody have a clue on what else to do???

ignition coil and spark plug are good

When I turn key nothing doesn't even try to start. battery ok lights ok.

On numerous occasions my car has stalled out on me. Once while in the car wash, three times just driving home from the grocery store not going any faster then 50km/h, and just reversing out of my drive way. Took it to the garage and the mechanic can't find anything wrong with my car. He did say there is 20 different codes coming up when it's hooked up to the computer

car wont start I don't think it is o2 sensors

wheneever i fill up my tank with gas or a i turn on my car the fuel gauge says the correct reading but other than that its always on empty

I was on a long road trip and not paying close attention. Since I had never seen a yellow ethanol pump before, I assumed it was diesel. I had a half tank of diesel then I filled up with ethanol. It ran fine for about 6 hours, and then the engine sounded strange and started knocking a bit. I filled up with diesel again and drove a couple more hours to make it on home. The engine light came on now. Is there much I could do, or is there some damage that needs to be checked by a certified vw mechanic? Thanks

helping my friend with his 99 VW Jetta GLS. need to replace glove box door and not finding much in the way of youtube. any input? Would Haynes, Bentley or Chiltons repair manuals cover removing the door to replace it? and which manual would be mot recommended?
Thanks for any advice/help in this.

Battery is brand new (just bought 2 weeks ago) started fine on sat and then on weds battery was dead. put cables on and it juiced right up but wouldn't continue turning over to the point of starting..

Riding down the highway she stopped abruptly no warning just lost all power (non electrical). New plugs cap rotor. today i bough a new ignition coil still nothing. Help please!

just changed the transmission fluid at 181,000 miles. It's an automatic and it is having problems changing gears and the RPM ramps way up and at times stays there before it will change. It's starting to do this every time I drive it now.

code pulled is P2096- any idea what this is or can I fix myself??? Also- it came on 126 miles ago, how long is it SAFE to go? I think I can get appointment for Thursday? So I would do about 400 more miles

i changed the front brakes calipers and sensors brand new and says brake fault and abs light and emergency lights are on emergency brake light is blinking

My tdi Jetta lately it started jerking the whole car when taking of from dead stop from gears first to second the car will shake and also third gear at times and also since that happen my temperature light is blinking and the car isn't even overheating temperature running normal any advices I would appreciate it

Buying an '06 tdi with 200k mi.

car starts and dies after 3 seconds took it to the local VW dealership and tey said it was a bad ECM, replaced it and its doing the same thing wondering if it needs to be married to my car or if there is away around taking it back to dealrship