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just simply replaced the back break pads and went to test drive after completed and they stopped but very soft and would push all the way to the floor. tried bleeding but still soft. any help?

1998 Jetta- started hearing a clicking noise by the stearing column then things started going on and off. First the fan would only work occasionaly, then it went completely out as did the cruise control and the low beam lights. Funny thing, the fan comes on when the high beams are on. So we are thinking it is a relay switch, but can't figure out which one is bad. We tried replacing the #18 but that wasn't it. We haven't been able to find a diagram showing which functions are controlled by each of the relays.

I have a p0422 code on my passat('99) there's also an exhaust leak near the cat.could the leak cause the chk.eng.light instead of a faulty cat. or o2sensor

I bought my car used over a month ago, the trunk doesnt open, not with a key or using the trunk release button. Is there an additional key that i was supposed to get that opens the trunk?

exhaust system malfunction is on what can it be.

I cant seem to figure out how to get to the pedal inside to hook the cable up.Do u have to remove alot of stuff like the fuse box.Where can I get a diagram to look at without buying a manuel or step by step directions?

I got into my car and tried to put on the seat belt and heard a sound like a ping and the seat belt became loose and would not tight up to secure me.

When switching out the battery on a W8 do you need to reprogram the computer settings ? I have been told NO and I have been told YES...which one is it?

i bought this vw from a dealer and when i test drove it the boost would not function. they eventually got it to work and mentioned something about an actuator. it has been ok for a month but now i notice that occasionally when i try to accelerate the turbo does not kick in. when it does this usually i try again working the accelerator slowly and it will work. can someone please tell me what the problem could be? also i would like to purchase a good repair manual that details everything. does vw sell a workshop manual that is priced within reason? thankyou

just recieved code p0411 on my passat.secondary air injection system incorrect flow car safe to drive.what do i need to do to resolove this problem? thank you

just recieved code p0411 secondary air injection system incorrect flow detected. is car safe to drive and how to repair this situation. thank you

What is the cost to replace the automatic transmission?

the only prblm is trying to figure out how to change the passenger headlight could you please send me directons on how to do so thank you

air conditioner collant is leaking from both valves on the

air conditioner hoses. Can the valves be repaired?

Is there any page on the net that shows how to change the front wheel bearings on a 2005 Volkswagon Jetta TDI

2003 vw jetta 1.8 turbo; when accelerating up steep grades massive amounts of white smoke come from the exhaust (sometimes when it happens, I cannot even see the car behind me) but goes away when I stop accelerating. This is very embarrassing. Very rarely does this happen during normal driving. My mechanic has not been able to identify the problem. Any thoughts?

There are no diagnostic codes. I just had the front axels replaced, Air filter, one ignition coil, spark plugs, fuel filter (A complete tune up). My car vibrates when I put it in gear. Nothing was wrong before, until they changed all those things.

MFA indicator(mpg,outside temp)does not light this a standard feature or an option.i bought this car one week ago

I have a 2008 Jetta. Last year the A/C was giving me some issues but now is worst than last year. In winter, it would only get hot when it was as hot as you could make it. Now in summer it only gets cool when it is on the coolest setting. Sometimes it kicks in, but usually takes awhile to get cold. It kicks in faster when it is mild in temperature and/or cloudy. I tried having it charged, but only worked briefly. What kind of problem is this? Before I spend a $150 for the dealer to look at it, I want to know what I am getting myself into. Thanks!!

hi guys the guy who was to work on my car never showed up and when he does show up he no,s what he is doing however he is a old time friend and he says he will be there ya!!!I do not like to push any way how hard would it be to try and rebuild it our selfs,with a rebuild kit?where trying to save alittle cash because we have spent oodles on this car let me tell you,well every one nos the story i dont like going into something without knowing alittle,if any one has any suggestion please

The brake light and ABS light come on when I start the engine. Sometimes they go off in a few seconds. Sometimes they go off if I turn the engine off and turn back on. It has also happened while driving and at that time the wiper blades that were runing stopped. Any ideas?

how many hrs to r and i radiator

flushing the cooling system

While the engine is cold, every time I start it, there is a very loud sound coming from the engine that sounds like a vacuum cleaner. It last for about 10 seconds and does it one more time after about 30 seconds, lasting about 10 seconds.

my 92 vw jetta 2.0 4 cyl. has a rough idle barely runs, loss of power, sounds like its misfiring Please help!

the hazzards and the turn signals are not working at all. was told it probably is the relay i cannot find where the relay is located. was told behind the radio or the hazzard flasher button

How many Litres of Transmission fluid do I need?

Car was driven to work and parked with no issues or warning signs that anything might be wrong. Leaving work, engine turned over, sputtered for 15-20 seconds, shut off, and would not re-start. Towed to a repair shop and was advised the timing belt needed to be replaced. Total quote for timing belt, water pump and thermostat came to $1,150. I'm told there could also be damage to the valves, but the shop won't know until the timing belt has been replaced. Assuming one or more of the valves has been damaged, how much additional can/should I expect to pay for this repair?

need to remove condenser and as much of the system as possible

/30/11- Driving home, on a highway over 40 mph, car was erratic as driving on ice, FRIGHTENING, would not stay in the lane, especially after hitting bumps. it was ok, as long as no bumps, I noticed yesterday, when I turned a sharp left, the car squealed, and the steering wheel kept going, did not return, was hard to return. 2002 new beetle with 147K miles, just replaced wheel bearings.