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this is the fuse box next to the battery. someone scrambled the fuses (bad joke) and I have been able to resolve running problems. just looking for verification of all fuse locations. VIN. WVWJK73CX9P012030 VW dealer says they can't look at it until late next week.
Car has 283,000 and runs strong. Did the timing belt and new water pump about 7,000 miles ago. What could be causing this problem with the code showing up at random times and only showing 30 degrees when it's hot? It's the OEM green square connector coolant temp sensor that I installed and didn't cure my problem. Detail help would be greatly appreciated.
which sensor controls the spark for spark plug in the engine for the vw eurovan 2003
Need a timing belt and water pump repair. No existing damage just 80k 10 year old car
I have a mechanic that has the ability to drop an engine but not to lift it, so I am wondering if my car engine will need to be lifted or dropped?
stopped and turn car of for about 10 mins. Tried to start and nothing. Won't crank, won't jump start, lights work, horn works, but windows are down and won't go up, radio won't work and keyless entry won't work either, can hear a "hum" when key is turned (not a click). When battery cables are hooked up there is plenty of juice but engine don't turn over. We drift started it to get it home (pushed and popped clutch) but turned key off and its dead again. HELP
The car lurches when start from a stop.
I have a VW Touareg V6, 2005; some time ago my check engine light came on. I received a reading from Autozone and was informed it was my O2 sensors. Months later I took "Touarie" to a mechanic and explained the issue -- he ran another test and it was not the O2 sensors but the mass airflow sensor. The mechanic actually confirmed that my O2 sensors were all working properly but they were getting bad readings/codes from MAS. Touarie rode fine for 2 days then the check engine light came back on along with the ESP warning light! I took my vehicle back to the mechanic who did the work, he tried a few times to get a reading from the shop's computer but it was unable to read/connect with the computer in my vehicle. Because of this the mechanic is now trying to manually troubleshoot the codes but was unable to this first time around. My vehicle is being held for a second day for another mechanic to manually examine/troubleshoot the issues. Has anyone else heard of such; what could it be that triggered both warning lights to appear after getting a new MAS installed; any advice or direction anyone can give me to share with the mechanics . . . . thank you in advance for your help!
Service dept. said it is not defective and someone in our family is driving it incorrectly or badly. Can this really happen? My son drives 5 miles to school every day and that is it. It is not driven at night or weekends. We drive with him periodically and he is a very good driver with a clutch. We paid $1400 for first time around and now have to pay for a new clutch again with a car that is probably worth $2,000. Any advice? They just took it apart and sending me pictures. It is not defective so it is not under warranty. Thanks, Jane
dick hannah got one key kind of working- opens doors only
second one says not set up for car.
out of nowhere, the transmission started to slip
any advice?
the engine would crank on 1st or 2nd tries and start on the 3rd tries. After it runs for a little while and I shut off, the engine starts OK on 1st try. Also I noticed when I turn right or left I get noticeable deceleration and then it picks up again when I press on the accelerator. I was told it might be a camshaft or crankshaft sensor. I get no error code. Please advise.
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