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My handle on the glove box is broke, can you repair and what is an estimated cost for the repair.

How do you change spark plugs on this vehicle.Is there a tool needed to change spark plugs?

We can't find the reservoir for the fluid. It is not next to the firewall like everyone says it is. This is on a 1999 VW Jetta.

one button that controls rear passenger window cracked in pieces. Black coating on all buttons peeling off. I want all four replaced.

i have a 2001 jetta tdi when u go to start it in the morinig it wont start i replaced the glow plugs wire harness and relay when its cold out it starts right up but after it runs and it sits for 2 to 4 hrs dosnt start unless you shoot a little either in it

We have begun to smell a burning odor frequently with our VW. The temperature gauge does not show hot, but if the heater is on, the inside of the car just smells burny. If you don't have the heater on, when you step out of the car, you still smell the burny odor. Had it checked a while back and were told we ran over a grocery bag, but the odor continues.

had to replace lower timing gear and removed belt. need to know how to position gears so it is in time

Each time my son puts water in the coolant container and begins to drive it, the temp light comes on and he has to stop and add more water less than 20 miles down the road. It tend to want run hot on him. What cound be the problem?

Recently replaced a fuel filter on my car, and when i replugged the battery the anti theft alarm re armed itself, stopping me from trying to restart the engine( won't crank at all) and i can't find the stupid sensor that's stopping it from turning off. Any ideas?

engine is not starting. cranks but does not start. diagnostic code is p0864

My Jetta's cruise control stopped working without warning and hasn't worked since.

Problem originally just happened when we drove up the hill we live on with a full car. A knocking noise would occur and then stop when you let up on the gas. Problem then started to happen at different times in different driving conditions. Most recently the noise would happen when I am on the freeway at speed and the knock would start slowly and then build up to almost constantly. I just had the water pump changed, thought it was that, but problem continues with new water pump.

how do i set the valve clearances on a 2000 passat 1.8 liter/

My transmission seems to shift late- gets to 4-5 RPM's before it shifts. will a regular transmission tune up take care of this??

I just bought this car and while driving home it started raining, I turned on the windshield wipers and they worked slowly at first then a little faster and then stopped, after that they would only work when they felt like it. Is this a known problem?

replace timingbelt & waterpump&thermostat

While driving from work,entering a curve at 40,i dropped it into third and hit the gas.The car hesitated momentarily,then it sputtered and had a significant power loss,asr light also came on,turbo whistles and has some power but it boggs down when i try to push it.

instructions to reinstall exterior door handle

my check engine light just came on so i took it to auto zone and they put a meter on it.the code was fuel metering valve. I have been getting bad gas mileage!

Bought a 2006 Volkswagen July 9th,2010. About a week after purchasing the vehicle the exhaust malfunction light came on. We took it to a service person and we replaced some part under the hood which any person could have replaced. HOweve the exhaust light came on after replacing that. Then, we took the car to a place that had a certified volkswagen service person who said the part could have been defective so we replaced it again. The light came on again. We took the vehicle to the certified service person 3 times afterwards and he could not find out what the problem was. We finally took the vehicle to a dealership in Va. and $1400.00 latter we got a new valve cover plus some other repairs. Four days latter and the light come on again. I am frustrated and don't know who to trust or believe. I thought dealerships had all the equipment to perform the test to determine what the problem is. The Volkswagen owner's manual is very vague and really offers no information but to take it to a dealer. Give me a break. I can't keep putting money into this used car. I could have bought a new car. Please any advise or information you can offer will be so much appreciated.

My head gasket is going, how long will it take a mechanic to change it?

just bought the 2003 Vw beettle and love it, however we have a buzzer that comes on now and then not all the time, but no light indicators on. Then when we turn the lights on it becomes a constant buzz. Will go off and then come back on


A few weeks agos I struck a curb at low speed with front passenger tire. had to replace the tire, decent but not hideous scratch to the rim. Immediately after the tire was replaced i noticed the steering wheel cocked about 20 degrees clockwise and the car pulling hard to the left. Thought it was an aligment problem, took it to Firestone who said either my frame or rear axle was bent. Second opinion said "rear axle, $1200". I'm unable to comprehend how small curb at low speed could cause such damage. I bought the car used a year ago from local VW dealer and detected a small pull to the left then, but thought it just needed an alignment. Is this a common problem with these cars? Could it be shimmed rather than replacing entire rear axle?

what would cause the windows not to work blown fuse?

how much is it to get a complete new ac system

how do i remove the battery of my 2000 VW cabrio?

A mechanic told me that I need to replace my power steering rack because of a serious leak that has been occuring. He says its going to cost about $900, $600 for the part alone. Are there any trustworthy sites to buy a rack from so that I wouldnt have to pay the $600 for the part.For instance, what about this site...

check and fill trani fluid

The power window on my passenger side does not go up with the passenger switch, but worked from the drivers side, now a couple of months went by and it quit working from the drivers side - took the door panel off and did not see anything that looked wrong , played with the wires on the passenger side crossed a couple and got the window to go up but still can't figure it out - both switches will power it down but not back up - unpluged some of the wires from the motor so no one would send it down = big mistake half the stuff on that side of the car quit working - took it back apart and pluged it back in , now have air bag light on - Called the dealer said bring it in , said sounds like it needs new window motor Apx. $ 500.00 + labor = I think its not the motor = just can't spend that kinda money right now ! = SEND HELP ! Larry