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Pump doesn't seem to be using fluid from reservoirpi
The components listed above have been replaced....
It has oil stains all around the top of the block underneath the engine cover, anybody have a similar problem? Any suggestions on fixing the problem?
Was shifting only 1, 2 and3 no 4 had codes showing sensors not getting to TCM replace the two sensors and erase the codes now went to first and won't shift no more with no trouble codes. Can someone help???
Replace the alternator
One fluid did leak at the accident but coolant temp is good, i think it is the power steering because its hard to steer.
coolant cap turns easy at first then tightens right up .Afraid of breaking it
Hi, My daughters Jetta started blowing lots of grey smoke when it's driven on the highway for more than 15/20 miles. On short drives it's fine. I replaced the valve cover thinking it could be EGR related but that didn't fix the problem. Going to run through a compression test next, any Ideas?
We replaced battery twice and even had alternator checked by les schwab. What could be wrong?
I have a 2000 Jetta V6, that sometimes goes into limp mode and does a weird shift.

To be more specific: Sometimes the car shifts into the next gear, mainly around 30mph goes down to about 750rpm and any gas I put into it (using the pedal) just increases the rpm, but does not speed up the car. The car is in gear, since it does not slow down, it however does not shift back down either. By sometimes, I mean I cannot show the problem, whenever I want to. It only seems to happen, if the car engine is warm.

I sometimes get the trouble code P0722 (no data from speedometer), but I had that replaced a week ago and the car shifts at the correct rpm/speed. It sometimes goes into limp mode, displaying that emission fault code.

I had it at a mechanic, who looked at the car, replaced the speedometer and took 340$for that. (1 hour of diagnostics, 90 for the speedometer and 1 hour replacing the speedometer). Now, since the car works just fine most of the time, I hope the fix won't be anything too cost intensive. Transmission fluid level is not too low, no idea when it was last changed. Any ideas?
this is the fuse box next to the battery. someone scrambled the fuses (bad joke) and I have been able to resolve running problems. just looking for verification of all fuse locations. VIN. WVWJK73CX9P012030 VW dealer says they can't look at it until late next week.
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