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I know it sounds strange but if I go some where it doesn't see to matter how far.When I shut the engine off to go inside I am locked in the car and can't get out unless I roll the windows down and crawl out.It will also lock me out untill some point when it decides to unlock.
Have several codes, po455 large evap leak and p0688 engine control relay short to positive, While monitoring datastream the throttle % dies off at WOT about 16% indicated when fully depressed, it is smooth til about 50% depressed and drops off. does this car have pedal sensor and a tps? is the tps integral to throttle valve?
it used to crank when it cool off and something is killing the battery now it won't crank at all
replaced old cracked intercooler and car ran better, i assumed that the oil was due to cracked part and would be fixed by closing the system but new one filled with oil also and produced large plume of smoke upon accelleration
Start driving won't go above 35 40 mph traction controll light flashes but on some bits of road picks up fine then kicks in again can anybody help ?
The problem always happens after being on the freeway for over an hour and continues at slow speeds and in 1st through 6th gear after I get off of the freeway. After the car has been parked for a few hours the shuttering (shaking) problem goes away.
The engine seems to be running fine.
Could this problem be drivetrain related?
The engine has just been professional tuned and fuel filter has been replaced. Transmission was rebuilt 5,000 miles ago.

I recently replaced the ignition coil pack, (shorted out)the car starts now, BUT IT WAS NOT SHIFTING, I cleared the computer memory and took it for a ride. The transmission NOW SHIFTS, but now the fans keep cycling on and off, and the(again) I have the issue of the radio inoperable. DISPLAYS. .SAFE 1000 ANY HELP WOULD BE GREAT, THANKS, MIKE
red light turned yellow after warming--eventually red light is gone-does not come back on next time car is started--has happen twice. slippery road light has come on independently on different occasion..thanks so much for being here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
would you suggest a new filter or do I need to look a little closer for any cracks in that area of the transmission? already took car apart once and ready to do it again but want to get all parts before hand even if I have to take unused parts back. Any suggestions on parts? Also how do you put trans. oil back in?
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