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Continues if relay is removed
Whenever I lock the doors with key, they immediately unlock and remain unlocked. Do you know what may be causing this? It has never happened before and all of a sudden just started to act this way and does every attempt now. Suggestion(s) on how to repair?
My radio will play but when I try and play a cd or cassette it doesn't play it keeps on saying error
i tried to change the O2 sensor but not working fine. and i found that the sensor cable not connected and some wire not connected. so that i need your help to check this cable and how can check if this cable connected well or not.

Tanks for your help
First drive of the day, early morning after rain, my engine light was blinking on and off, and car sounded like it was going to stall, started shaking on and off, then it was fine after driving for about 5 minutes. Diagnostics said it was misfiring.
There was no check engine light before airing my tires up. Can this cause the check engine light to turn on?
I have a 1998 Volkswagen Jetta Wolfsburg Edition. I tried putting in a different battery cause the current one kept dying and wouldn't hold charge. Ever since then the car has idled weirdly and tries to bog itself down and kill itself. It used to be driveable but not anymore. Please tell me any and all problems that it could be. I currently think it could be a sensor or throttle body failure and maybe even water in the gas tank. Thank you
even the gear lever in P i cant take out the ignition key
looses coolant fluid often when car is warmed up. doesn't leak when i put it in seems to to heat up and come out overflow tube builds pressure and high temperature in coolant tank
Can a 2007 Volkswagen Passat Wagon transmission be repaired? When we turn the car off, and then turn it back on, it will sometimes shift properly. Sometimes there is just a feeling of slipping, but then it catches.
we have found the obd 2 system on automobiles the most inaccurate hardware on a car, why is it still being used?
of course the repair shops love being able to blame it for their untrained unskilled mechanics,
My abs and engine light are on, and speedo, cruise control, trip control aren' t working. Can i disable abs module without losing speedo, cruise control, trip control ? I don't mind losing abs.
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