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My car has given me a code P0301 (#1 cylinder misfire) I took it to the dealer and they tested (swapped out)the spark plug and coil - ok. They could not find a problem and the code was gone. This misfire is only an oc...
issues. soon noticed low coolant light. no overheating though. checked oil and it was clean. drove another 80 miles and oil got dirty (but not milky). changed oil and filter and drove 10 miles and checked oil and not...
this happened two weeks ago. car is riding fine. is this a problem, will it pass emissions with this going on?
I'm able to drive on Three Gear, but in automatic Drive gear option, the car is not exceeding a speed of 50kms/hr and it is directly shifting to neutral gear. what could be the probable answer.
Not slipping, no loss of power, no change in rpm, just a hard shift. Shutting the car off for 30sec and restarting fixes it. Car needs to be hot and running in city traffic for 30-40min for it to happen. Engine sounds...
I have changed the control panels. worked for a very short period. I believe that it may be the actuators